Not Holding The Hose, Not Writing The Story

Scott Morrison, despite his best efforts at branding himself as the ‘daggy dad’ with the adorable nickname (self-chosen, mind you) of Scomo, hasn’t ever really lived up to his poorly fitted projection of himself. At best he’s come across as the dad that crashes kites, hides from Mum when there’s chores to be done, and throws regular shouty tantrums instead of managing his place as the supposed head of the household.

At best he deserves the nickname ‘Scummo’ that people have given him, often followed by the epithet “… the Clown.” At worst, he’s the shirking abusive dad that smacks up he children and spouse while calculatingly appearing outwardly to be mild mannered and indulgent. And just like a dysfunctional household, the kids are putting up with it until he’s gone.


Scott and his Ministers regularly abuse their positions, abuse their constituents, shirk their responsibilities, nick the household budget to go get drunk and gamble, and even steal the kids’ pocket money to buy their next hit with. That we (their constituents) put up with this completes the perfect picture of a dysfunctional family.

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