What Can I Use For Recycling?

Hi! I’m PTEC3D, and I recycle stuff.

I’m always in need of two things – material to recycle, and people to buy products made with recycled stuff. First – the important question: Why am I using O Hai Corona’s website for all this? Turns out – it’s also my website, one that’s not under Google or Facebook or any other company’s control. I can say stuff and not get the site shut down for being an activist. That’s important.

I also own a few other domains but for now I can’t afford to run them, because costs. You can help make my dreams come true by making a single or repeating donation.

That’s a banner I made ages ago and also a bit of a mantra – you can make a solution before most people are aware of a problem – there’s always something it’ll solve. The old saying I paraphrased it from is “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” And yeah if you build a mousetrap that needs a diesel engine, a kilo of cheese per mouse, and a recording of Bjork playing – they beat a path right around your establishment and call you a nutter…

So – on to the list of stuff I can (or will soon be able to) recycle:

Plastics. Definitely, but there are only certain kinds I can recycle. I can pay for it as long as it’s going to a good cause, follow the link here to see.
Wood, paper, textiles. As you’ll see, only very specific items for now, and I can’t really pay for materials like this.
Old Tools, electronics. This is a future project – unless I can get a few requirements in first. Take a look, see if you can help me out.


If I have stuff to sell, it’ll be here or on local buy/swap/sell pages.