Why Waste Food Like This?

Since the start of the pandemic we’ve had a chance to prove what utter asshats we can be. We’ve also proved that NOT being an asshat is possible. Take it away, Ted! Toilet paper – it was the thing that proved human asshattery knows few limits, almost a year ago now. People proved the Politics … Read more

How Can This Happen In A Democratic Country?

You may want to email your local MP, this is the sort of thing the Chinese government does, it should NOT be something we’re subjected to in Australia. Also boycott any POS rag that Murdoch has his stinky little fingers in. — https://about.google/google-in-australia/an-open-letter/ —

Quick Editorial #77

(That isn’t written by some slimy Murdoch rag…) People blame our State Premier Daniel Andrews for everything. Not reacting quickly enough, reacting too severely, overreacting, not reacting strictly enough, being a dictator (yep seriously, it rankles some people enough that they almost invoke Godwin’s Law) and Dog knows what else. But you know what? It’s … Read more

Rally THIS!

This is a figment First my apologies for the tone of this article. I’m terrified and also frustrated and actually LIVID with anger at these bastards. (I never thought I’d be able to use that word but yep, it’s exactly the right word for this.) The world is past the point where we can reverse … Read more