Rally THIS!

This is a figment

First my apologies for the tone of this article. I’m terrified and also frustrated and actually LIVID with anger at these bastards. (I never thought I’d be able to use that word but yep, it’s exactly the right word for this.)

The world is past the point where we can reverse the damage we’ve created. It’s past the point where we can stop the process and let Earth recover. We’re at the point where all we can do is push the crisis a bit further away in time, and ameliorate the sheer hell that’s coming by even just a little bit – so that we’ll actually have grandchildren, and so that those grandchildren will have a semi-habitable world to live in.

And we can still do that.

I do it every day. Any petitions going around to rein in the government’s benighted attitude, I sign. Anytime GetUp or one of the other action groups has an email to personalise and send to local members, ministers, and all and any others, I am there and I write that sucker. Often I’ll find something in the news and rather than a letter to the editor I’ll just email whoever is the minister with that portfolio. And sometimes just for good measure, that minister’s Shadow counterpart suggesting they do their part and OPPOSE.

I can’t get to many protests and rallies due to location and physicality, but I make sure I engage people when I’m out and an opportunity presents itself. I write posts in any number of my blogs and explore alternatives. Most of all though, I don’t stop when the crisis is over. There are always crises and there’s always need for activists.

Keep the bastards honest is a slogan that I don’t care much for the origin of, but would be willing to take my last breath prosecuting…

I have had a few ideas up about some of the things that are only now starting to become hot button issues, on some of my old blogs that I’ve had going for 22+ years now. (If I get any interest I’ll add them to the Links page.)

If I can make one suggestion, it’s to be an activist. Not a one issue activist, but a capital letter, “this-is-my-entire-raison-d’etre,” Activist. Because I MUST.

There are people out there far stupider than I, and they are managing to be capital letter, “this-is-my-entire-raison-d’etre,” politicians. While simultaneously scr*wing the country, snorting up OUR money, sucking corporate d*cks, taking drugs and drinking themselves short of vital brain cells, waving coal around Parliament, scr*wing their hired help, stashing their money offshore because they don’t have any faith in the country they’re supposed to be running, and garnering votes. If those dregs of human society can do it, so can I. So I MUST.

If what is it again – 12% ? – of the population get behind a cause, it becomes successful. I don’t want to convince all Australians to throw these bastards out and have some pride in their country, I just want to convince that vital first 12%…

And yes, I just managed 410+ words up above to engage and encourage activism. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Words are power, we need to learn to use them better than our slimy car salespeople in office…

For the sake of people who are still reading along:

We live in a time when we see bushfires the like of which have not been seen by a human on the face of this Earth – ever.

When the polar regions are experiencing temperatures that are generally only seen in equatorial, tropical, and subtropical regions.

When there are storms and natural events that have reached strengths and ferocities not ever recorded in our histories.

When the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has reached and then quite convincingly bolted past the highest levels it ever reached since life first stirred on Earth.

And to sit at home now doing nothing is to be actively contributing to that. Could I motivate you to get off your butts and become Activists please? The planet needs you…