Wood, Paper, Textiles

These are often overlooked resources, but every cent I can make goes back into making the recycling equipment better.

I can’t really pay for these materials. I use suitable wood to make nesting and roosting boxes for birds and bats and possums, and give one away to local wildlife organisations for every one I sell. I make “birdhouses” and bird feeders for garden ornamentation which also has a function, and some garden ornamentation for the heck of it. I make gifts and decorations if I get a decent quality piece of timber.

I mostly get pallets and the occasional scrap hardwood from construction and old furniture, so I’m always keen to get pieces like that but I also only have limited space to store it, and I’m not one of those skilled craftspeople that can turn out a bedroom suite in a day.

By “paper” I actually mean more like cardboard, korflute, that kind of thing. I have a few ideas but nothing yet firmly established for recycling these, and the same goes for textiles. I have workshop rags, and any textiles I get would form part of (one day) making composite recycled materials. But that won’t be until I’ve gotten my hands on several tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of machinery and a place to operate from. The garage of my rented home isn’t that place.

Give me a call on 0491 075 808.

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