Throwing Figures Around

So this happened, someone who’s chafing under the totalitarian yoke of having to wear a mask, not spread COVID-19 far and wide, and keep their fellow humans safe, mentioned that “COVID-19 – it’s just a flu” and I think she personally won’t be our cleaner any more. I’ll call her Karen, for no reason. . … Read more

COVID Dipped In S**t

Coronavirus: How it spreads by four different ways in restaurants  Feces. Because of course if they tested the sewage they could get a week start on outbreaks but who has time to do something useful and possibly life-saving for their population, right?   I recall reading a little while back that testing the sewage of individual … Read more

responsibility vs determinism

Xxxxxxxxx, you say that “We don’t try to reason with bears or babies or lunatics because they aren’t able to respond appropriately.” In saying this, you’re overlooking important corollaries to what you say; and confusing response and communication. By saying that “We don’t try to reason with . . . babies or lunatics . . … Read more

Our Food As Vector For All Manner Of Pandemic Outbreaks

The thing that causes animal -> human transmissions of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses is contact between animals and humans. To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand the statistics behind this, the official descriptions of the mechanisms that facilitate such transmissions, or why we as intelligent thinking beings can’t get the simple facts into … Read more

COV-19 Renaissance: Origins Matter

S: “Why does philosophy matter?”P: “I don’t know, why does science matter?”S: “Well because scie-“P: “Annnnnnnd there you are doing philosophy.” Country (big C Country) cooking is maintenance, myth, and medicine all in one. Long before there was any organised medicine or even shamanism, cooking determined the Country and was determined by it. To this … Read more

Ohai Corona: Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

UPDATE: I wrote this weeks ago – when it was the start of a whole new era – but it’s still worth a read. I said the other day that COVID – 19 has already changed the world fundamentally and dramatically. We say goodbye to people we deal with every week due to quarantine and … Read more