TEdAMAIL Express v3.0

I know – it says “OHaiCorona (etc etc etc)” up there in the banner, I’m working on it…

All The News That’s Fit To Send:

Okay – first up, new newsletter – my old newsletter provider has become difficult to work with unless I pay them money, requiring me to shuffle my newsletter and subscribers to another server because they’re making the current one paid-customers-only. It’s their right and prerogative but I can see them doing this kind of shuffle once a year and I can’t afford their fees, don’t want to risk losing my emails or my subscriber lists so I’ve decided to shift to an interim solution using MailChimp, my O Hai Corona blog post aggregator, and a lot of crossing my fingers and eyes.

First up then – until I dial in all the dimensions etc the newsletter is going to look funny. I have only a basic grasp of HTML and so some things like this are going to be trial and error.

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