Urban Farming Production

One thing we should be doing more is gardening, planting things. Of all the things we can do under restrictions and lockdowns this has to be one of the most fulfilling and productive things we can do. When things ease up – whenever that may be – we’ll have some lovely produce at home. We’ll … Read more

Our Food As Vector For All Manner Of Pandemic Outbreaks

The thing that causes animal -> human transmissions of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses is contact between animals and humans. To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand the statistics behind this, the official descriptions of the mechanisms that facilitate such transmissions, or why we as intelligent thinking beings can’t get the simple facts into … Read more

Masks Work. Apparently.

https://coronavirus.medium.com/masks-work-cb25a52b05b1 If there’s one thing science is good at, it’s science. And the science says that even if you feel healthy, even if you feel silly for walking around with a mask on when you feel fine, if – if – you start showing signs a few days later, you’ll know that at a time … Read more

Ohai Corona: Things To Do After The Pandemic

Going Out After The Pandemic, Yes or No? I don’t know. I wish I did know. We two are pretty much alone here, and I’m the only one that drives. Australia’s currently in better shape than many other countries so it’s a bit safer than many, but there are second wave and third wave outbreaks … Read more

Actual Shopping. Finally.

I’m going to repeat this piece from the pinned post and add a fair bit of extra information to it. There’s so much about shopping that’s going to change… We’ve had the Great TP Stampede of 2020. (Probably.) The Pasta Prohibition followed it, along with All Your Yeast Are Belong To Us and the Say … Read more

Making Sense Of The Post COVID19 World – Some Information And Tips

Can I go to the shops and just, you know, browse around? What’ll I find at the shops, anyway? How do I, what happens, where and why? There’s patchy information out there and I’ve been collecting and curating… I’m keeping this article pinned and will keep adding practical information as I find it. UPDATED: 24/April/2020 … Read more