Who: My name’s Ted. I have COPD and emphysema thanks to a misspent youth of smoking, and so SARS-CoV-2 scares the crap out of me. I had to write about it… Where: In the south side of Australia, luckily out of the way of the disastrous 2019 bushfires and also (so far) not too messed up with COVID-19. When: 2020 forward. Why: Because there needs to be a resource like this. I need an outlet for my anxieties. And it’s always better to document stuff so I can look back on it in the future.

Furthermore, more Stuff

I write on this blog, and a heap of others. I’ve been blogging since before there were blogs, when blogging meant manually writing a heap of static pages and linking them from a cover page. Old school.

I also 3D print things, usually for the purpose of recycling plastics. (O the irony. But it’s true, to conquer the enemy you must become the enemy.)

Additionally I’m currently trying to get a local, community, non-profit, volunteer (or for profit and for wages) recycling project which might become an example for other communities to follow.

The best way to find all this is to go to the News Stand page here, it contains a newsfeed that monitors all the places I usually post articles plus a few other blogs and news sites that I think are useful or interesting and offer for your amusement and reading. There’s also a whole set of links further down the page that lead to all sorts of things relating to my interests and activities, and I do urge you to read a few and then consider getting involved because recycling is going to become a growth industry in the next year or two.