Parcel Delivery 1\145

Street name omitted – if you’re reading this you know the rest of the address. There is a secure parcel delivery hatch halfway along the driveway, beside the second gate, see photo (yellow arrow.)

This is done so the gates can stay locked, and still offer a secure delivery option. We were finding that deliveries being made left the gate open while the parcel was taken to the porch, which allowed a cat to escape and since you can see how busy the road can get, understand that this isn’t a Good Thing.

Delivery Hatch Dimensions

The hatch can take parcels with dimensions of roughly 24cm x 24cm x 24cm, slightly larger in some directions. It has a door return counterweight and a spoil panel.

To Use

Pull out and down, hatch door will stay balanced. Place article on the door, lift, and past a certain point the door will finish closing by itself.

If It Fails To Open

Please don’t force it, the delivery receptacle behind it is full. The hatch is designed not to open in that case, to prevent theft of the uppermost parcel(s).

If The Item Is Too Large

… And we’re not home, we’ll pick it up from the PO the next day. Or you can knock at the gate or text/call 0409 249 807 if you’d prefer to leave the parcel than have to return it to PO.

Thank you for the job you do, we’re age and disability pensioners and appreciate the ability to have things delivered. You’re doing a great service for the community! URL: