Tears Of Joy

It’s been a long time for Melburnians – and First Dog nailed it. I think he could have done it all with just one panel of the strip. See The Strip On The Guardian This one panel captures the feeling perfectly I think

Second Waves

What we’re seeing is almost every country experiencing rises in infection rates as soon as they lift restrictions, unless they’ve managed complete elimination. And even then, New Zealand after – what, four months without any cases? – has recorded a four new cases and had to lockdown Auckland hard and the rest of the country … Read more

Is COVID19 Endemic?

https://www.sciencealert.com/the-new-coronavirus-could-have-been-percolating-innocently-in-humans-for-years It may have come from a far less harmful virus that has been around in us for a while. Sort of like flu. Some who had it may have had a mild flu or just a cough, then that was it. But as it was transmitted between people it would have mutated. Viruses mutate … Read more

Masks Work. Apparently.

https://coronavirus.medium.com/masks-work-cb25a52b05b1 If there’s one thing science is good at, it’s science. And the science says that even if you feel healthy, even if you feel silly for walking around with a mask on when you feel fine, if – if – you start showing signs a few days later, you’ll know that at a time … Read more

Victoria Cases as of Wed 29 April 2020

The totals below were correct as of 11.59pm Wednesday. according to WeeklyTimesNow.com.au . SHIRESAlpine 0 Bass Coast 4 Baw Baw 5 Buloke 0 Campaspe 2 Central Goldfields 1 Colac Otway 0 Corangamite 1 East Gippsland 1 Gannawarra 1 Glenelg 1 Golden Plains 1 Hepburn 2 Hindmarsh 0 Indigo 0 Loddon 3 Macedon Ranges 7 Mansfield … Read more