“LeT ‘Er Rip!” – Does This Even Make Sense?

So what’s actually changed with the new way of dealing with the pandemic?

By opening up they’re improving the Flow Of The Mighty Dollar. This would seem to be the only thing that matters to them. Follow along:

  1. They’ve stated that EVERYONE will now be exposed to COVID. (I can’t deal with this.)
  2. I’ve got COPD (a definite ‘underlying condition’) but: “get under the bus, insignificant statistic.”
  3. Wife can’t have the vaccination because of the several ‘underlying conditions’ she has, but: “get under the bus, insignificant statistic.”
  4. The virus hasn’t gotten any less deadly, in fact it’s gotten worse.
  5. It got that way by mutating.
  6. It can only mutate when it’s transmitted from host to host.
  7. Every mutation is a lottery as to whether it becomes unviable or a superduperbug.
  8. They’ve stated that EVERYONE will now be exposed to COVID – i.e. it’ll get transmitted a lot more, mutate a lot more, and the chances of a really bad variant appearing become much more likely.

So basically they’re opting for a population cleansing at the expense of myself and my wife, for a start, and anyone else that they KNOW is going to die. “get under the bus, insignificant statistic.”

I think I’d prefer if they just lined us up against the wall.

And what do I think will be the result?

I don’t think they’ll get the economy to recover. In the short term it will appear to. But in another year, the only way you’ll be able to say that it’s improved will be that there are far FAR fewer people left to share the economy between. And the ones who’ll end up with ALL of that economy’s output will be the super-rich.

Look at this one fact: During the pandemic, for every COVID death, some existing billionaire’s fortune has increased. Everyone else’s fortunes haven’t increased at all – and in many cases have actually decreased. But not so the personal fortunes of the super-wealthy, those have experienced unprecedented growth.

So now it seems these same super-rich have decided that ‘let ‘er rip’ will produce more wealth for them with fewer inputs required than doing business as usual.

Watch and see (if you’re still alive by then, I mean – because the existing vaccination has proven not really effective on the existing mutations, and mutations will increase wildly in a few weeks) if your personal fortune increases by Christmas 2022. I bet they won’t.

In fact, everyone else’s personal wealth has been steadily decreasing for as long as I can remember. It seems that maybe the problem with the economy has been that pesky birth rate. Not too long ago you could rely on starvation, disease, and accidents due to unsafe work conditions to keep the growth slow, but we’ve made huge advances in food production, medicine, and safety procedures.

And on top of that, the super rich have changed generations. The function of the super rich in times past was to provide for lean times by sharing some of that wealth during hard times. Philanthropy has been the mechanism by which humanity has rebalanced the wealth in the past, the local super wealthy persons would donate to charities, finance projects, and make work so that their source of income (the rest of the populace) would survive to continue to source income for them.

But in these times, there’s a huge oversupply of sources of income, and a new generation of the super-elite who are not as philanthropic as their predecessors have been. LOOK – really look – at the history of dynasties. There always comes a point at which it’s decided that lives are cheaper than philanthropy. I suggest that perhaps we’re at such a point now.

So thinking caps on – and quickly – and tell me what you think we can do.

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