LINKDUMP: Nov 2020

This AI Can Tell if You Have Covid-19 Just by Listening to Your Cough  

I have the idea for an app. (Contact Tracing Painlessly…)

Sonnen to pay cash to households with batteries to help stabilise the grid 

Brisbane father loses 50 kilos on ‘cookie diet’ 

… aaaand that’s a big NOPE from me! I’d be constantly nauseous and losing weight by vomiting… 

Carbonated (Sparkling) Water: Good or Bad? 

pH 3-4 is “Slightly acidic?” puh-leese! Also, they ALL lump all carbonated water together when mineral water is supposed to have mineral content which would slightly raise pH, and “soda” water should have sodium bicarbonate in it, which also raises pH. Apparently it’s also not an issue dentally. Faugh!

KiwiCo: Give the gift of wonder and discovery 

Have to look into this…

 Australia plans to strengthen its power grid with another giant battery 

The differences between EV’s, BEV’s, PHEV’s and which could work for you 

Unravelling the vehicle acronym mystique – also FFV and ICEV

Europeans Aren’t Buying The Honda E So Now Honda Has To Team Up With Tesla

The Brain Science of Attention and Overwhelm  

(It’s not you it’s the world.)

? Huge List of Unicode and Emoji Symbols to Copy and Paste ? 

Ⓕ∪☪☾   ⓨ∉∆Ή  ⚠⚠⚠   ⛐ ⛐ ⛐

Physicists develop efficient modem for a future quantum internet 


Doctors at Brisbane’s Prince Charles Hospital say they have found a potential cure for deadly silicosis disease 

Can we do this for COPD soon please? 

How Donald Trump Is Vulnerable to Prosecution 

About. Time. 

Murdoch Family Tries to Dodge Backlash for Fox News 

Perhaps KRudd’s petition has shaken the old frog to the core..

httHere’s A Huge 100GB Phone Plan For $28/Month (With No Contract) 

Study shows oxidant hydrogen peroxide can actually slow down cell ageing 

Search for a snakebite drug might lead to a COVID treatment, too  

Bill Shorten dumps wife for GG Quenten Bryce’s girl 

Dirt on Shorten, are all pollies shit cunts? 

 Sizzler cheese toast recipe revealed as restaurant chain closes 

Tesla’s “mind blowing” FSD beta self-driving software is learning quickly 

Health warning to gardeners using potting mix – health.vic 

The Year in News: What Happened Next (Stories From September-December 2017)

AI can cause rooftop wind

Propel-E 450 | A very powerful windturbine 

You too can have rooftop wind.

Nope – – of note that a WAR made the manufactories viable and profitable. Now we don’t have a war and manufacturing is kaput. Coincidence?

South Australia’s controversial electric vehicle tax faces defeat in parliament 0

Our servers are . . . and are completely under our control . . . ”  – until they aren’t under their control any more . . .  Common enough for secure solutions providers to overestimate their own security capabilities. And always wrong . . .

In The Mood Mood Profiling Test.

Wayrates: Black Friday 2020 | Active Wear | Tactical Clothing|Outdoor Clothing 

Book to get from Library: Harry Frankfurt, “On Bullshit”

Lockdown had unexpected effect on our mood that scientists had not seen

Link to ‘dip into your super’ stuff

ASIC urged to rein in agents as tenants told to use super for rent

Some banks will ask customers to dip into their super to pay back frozen mortgages. They should tread carefully, the regulator warns.

Retirees ignoring potential of dipping into home equity: income reviewFRYDENBERG!!! 

First they made super compulsory and then let bastards steal it from us one fee at a time. Now they’re not even endorsing the middleman and asking US to steal from our future selves… 

Link for Xxxxxx since she’s into all these medical info sites

WIA Repeater Update 

Best Classic Deviled Eggs Recipe

Bega’s big dairy acquisition could sour Australia’s relationship with China 

Sonnen launches smaller, more affordable home battery Still nfg if you’re on a pension, fekkit. And renting. An old place that’s on its last legs anyway. 

Stop Everything – It Turns Out Wombats Also Have Biofluorescent Fur

Privatised Peel Health Campus to become state-run public hospital in major redevelopment 

Victoria has reached coronavirus ‘elimination day’ — and NSW isn’t far behind. But we can’t rest on our laurels  

NSW’s new mandatory QR codes cause confusion after one day. Here’s everything you need to know 

Greenland is Melting – Why We Need To Worry About The World’s Largest Island 

Dual circulation: China’s radical new plan to transform its economy 

Polar vortex above Antarctica could mean wetter, colder summer for Australia 

“From Orange Spraytan To Orange Jumpsuit”

A memoir with very few big words.

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