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Hey hey hey movie review for 1st of month!

 A majority of Australians would welcome a universal basic income, survey finds

Amg8833 ir 8×8 infrared thermal imager array temperature sensor 7m farthest detection distance Sale 

Senegambia Stone Circles

13.691254888913008, -15.522569198776422,-15.5230489,273m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0xee8e40b155de389:0x3445fcefb78ffcba!8m2!3d13.6911115!4d-15.5225017

The dark parts of The Flintstones only adults notice

Gateway Steak?

LDS driver LCD

New solar material can bottle sunshine for months, years 

New MOF?

3 Effective Techniques to Train Your Situational Awareness 

Be aware, be alert, be observant. Duh.

Full Guide To Config/ Enable Automatic Subtitles On Kodi 18 Leia 

My bane, getting Leia to recognise subs in a subs folder instead of as a .SRT file.

An Incredible Artifacts From Lost Viking ‘highway’ Revealed by Melting Ice 

What it means to me: Hmmm melting ice – “. . . retreating mountain glaciers . . . uncovered a lost mountain pass . . .” SO . . . This pass WAS in use last time it was not covered by glacier ice and that was around 1000 years ago

The Associated Press reported that an unnamed man in Vienna, Austria, was hit with a 500 euro ($565) fine for “offending public decency” when he broke wind following an encounter with police on June 5. Authorities said that “of course no one is reported for accidentally ‘letting one go,'” but after behaving “provocatively and uncooperatively,” the man rose from a bench and “let go a massive intestinal wind apparently with full intent. And our colleagues don’t like to be farted at so much.” [ABC News, 6/16/2020]


The Hollywood Reporter announced on June 16 that puppeteer Pat Brymer, 70, passed away in April. As a puppet builder, Brymer worked with ventriloquist Shari Lewis on “Lamb Chop’s Play Along” and with Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “Team America: World Police,” but he is best remembered for bringing to life Bill Murray’s pesky nemesis gopher in 1980’s “Caddyshack.” [Hollywood Reporter, 6/16/2020]

Researchers at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, have made an unexpected discovery in their study of the endangered night parrot, one of only two nocturnal parrot species in the world: It has poor night vision. The night parrot lives in Australia’s outback and differs from the other nocturnal parrot, New Zealand’s kakapo, which has lost its ability to fly, ABC reported. “The night parrot still flies, and there lies the problem of the bird running into things,” said Dr. Vera Weisbecker, which may be contributing to its decline. [ABC, 6/11/2020]

Happy Ending

Residents of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, have been cheered recently by the unexpected presence of a corn stalk growing up through a crack in the pavement at a busy intersection. Dubbed the 57th Street Corn, the stalk had its own Twitter account and was hailed as a symbol of resiliency and hope in hard times; Mayor Paul TenHaken called it “amaizing.” But on Aug. 19, the Argus Leader reported, neighbors found the plant had been ripped from the ground overnight, prompting sorrow on social media and a flower memorial. “I didn’t want to see her story end like that,” said resident Chad Theisen. Together with his children, Theisen rescued the corn stalk, renamed it Cornelia and is nursing it back to health in a 5-gallon bucket. He hopes to find a permanent home for Cornelia, now a local celebrity, with the city’s help. [Argus Leader, 8/20/2020]

— Veterinary researchers at the University of Helsinki have been testing whether dogs can sniff out COVID-19, and Anna Hielm-Bjorkman has the good news: They can. With almost 100% accuracy. “A dog could easily save so, so, so many lives,” she told DW. A pilot program at the Helsinki Airport is having travelers wipe their wrists or neck with a cloth, which the trained dogs then sniff. They can identify the virus up to five days before any symptoms appear. People who test positive at the voluntary canine site are directed to the airport’s medical unit for confirmation. Hielm-Bjorkman said travelers have been eager to participate, waiting up to an hour in line. [DW, 10/21/2020]

The link’s there… More friends, more diverse microbiome…

It’s crap, they don’t mention cats and it’s all about dogs. Fuckwits. How do I get exercise with a cat? Walkies? Climbing treesies? Crap. Social interaction? Pat my cat, LADIES? Fuck off.

Some of us have a new human sleep pattern, don’t we? Evo-fucking-lution… ← LOG IN AS ME

Nom de nommes

Our problemo too-o

The Legacy Behind The Internet’s Most Important Abandonware Site

Alcohol .. common culprit. . typically disrupts later sleep and REM/dreaming . . Even a single drink . . adversely impact REM/ dreaming. One can imagine how this plays out, when about 30 percent of Americans routinely have a glass of wine with dinner, 20 percent consume about two glasses, and the top 10 percent of American drinkers, about 25 million adults, have more than 10 drinks per day.

It’s like our ancestors didn’t have alcohol until last century… They routinely drank far more, far more universally, because it’s one of the first fermented foods we discovered and bothered to replicate. And that leads to a second thing – Why? The buzz while awake may have been the “hook.” Or it may have been precisely that alcohol DID bring about dreamless sleep. In which case, suppression of REM state may have been (and may still be) an evolutionary imperative. 

Dreams are a creative state, yes, but they’re also, as pointed out, a formative state which molds personality. Perhaps the drive to wipe dreams (alcohol, blue screens, staying up later as our technology allowed) was an effort to halt whatever changes dreams were making to us.

CONSPIRACY PROTIP: Maybe dreams ARE a method of ‘programming’ us, to become technophiles, inventors, creators of machine intelligence. 
FURTHER CONSPIRACY PROTIP: There’s suggestions that we’re living in a simulation. But suppose we ARE the simulator, made of organic processing units (us) and we’re solving a simulation for machine type intelligences? Far more likely, given what we seem to know about the Universe, which is hell for organic units. Maybe this is what keeps us contained in “the machines’ machine” so we don’t pollute their Universe.
FURTHER FURTHER CONSPIRACY PROTIP: I say ‘machine intelligences’ but there may just be one, or the one (or many) may not strictly be machines as we understand them, nor be life as we understand it, but it (they) could be an inorganic life form so far removed from our own ways of picturing what intelligent life should be that we wouldn’t know it (nor perhaps even be able to even “see” it at all) if we did encounter it.
CONSPIRACY SUMMARY: Perhaps we’re created by a totally alien species to solve the problem of THEIR  ‘Intelligence Big Bang.’

psychotherapists have been losing interest in dreaming over recent decades.

Another interesting thing – dreams, according to this article, help us to find Mystical Universal Truths (or at least the author couldn’t express it any other way) and that sits a bit funny with me. Almost superstitious religious bunkum in fact.

Because – if dreaming reprogrammed us in such wonderful ways, why were we (are we) so afraid of dreaming? It’s not just the nightmares – we have more pleasant dreams, on average, than nightmares. That psychs have been “losing interest” in dreaming could be for another reason – that we actually don’t need the dreams as much as just plain sleep. (I’ll keep an eye out for this topic for a while – maybe actually also do some research – because this is interesting.)

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