Quick Editorial #77

(That isn’t written by some slimy Murdoch rag…)

People blame our State Premier Daniel Andrews for everything. Not reacting quickly enough, reacting too severely, overreacting, not reacting strictly enough, being a dictator (yep seriously, it rankles some people enough that they almost invoke Godwin’s Law) and Dog knows what else.

But you know what? It’s total utter bullshit.

People listened to the media instead of the government. People listened to the media instead of the government. They let themselves be carried along on streams of sensationalist rubbish.

“Oh, we football players find it so unfair that they can no longer crowd together and sweat and spit all over one another, we can’t do this, we are sportspersons we deserve to roam wild and freeee!”

“Well I find it infringes on my God-given rights, to just go get drunk with me mates and then come home and bonk the wife and spread COVID around the family.”

“You cannot make me wear a mask! It is my constitutional right to not wear a mask! Now go away paper tiger public official policeman! Or I shall sue you with vigour!”

Newspapers were giving this airtime. Why? It was news, it was – newsworthy – it was – exciting and – most of all – it complied with a certain person’s directives.

Dan Andrews has for almost forty days now been giving a daily press briefing to these utter asses of so-called journalists, sometime longer than two hours to ensure that all questions received an answer or a promise that an answer would be sought and disseminated.

And their questions steer the readership:

“Poor honest hard-working Victorian people are wailing and gnashing their teeth and doing all sorts of Biblical bemoanings. When can they expect some relief from your oppressive regime?”
(My response would be “Well, when they stop going out and travelling 15km to get some butter chicken. When they stop going to get COVID tested because they feel like they have COVID-19 and then spend the next 24 hours running around to all their family, their places of worship, all the local supermarkets (and a few stores that are four postcodes away) and every fast food restaurant and pub they can possibly reach before they receive the news that they have COVID and have by now quite possibly spread it to 742 other people, that’s how long.“)
Mr Andrews’ responses are generally well-thought-out, concise, and far more polite than mine.

“But that could be years, because these poor honest hard-working people have every right to insist on their freedoms. They are poor honest hard-working people and these are their life rights.”
Me again “No, actually that could be just a few weeks if they just suspended their self-importance and arrogance and ignorance and selfishness and just stayed at home for a few weeks.
Once again. Premier Andrews’ responses are so much nicer than mine and delivered with far more patience than I have.

The one person that’s been consistently clear, concise, and has asked for appropriate restrictions at each stage has been the Premier.

The one thing that’s stopped those measures from being effective have been the general populace, as they all seek to establish their Karen-ness and entitlement and sense of self-importance and all of them imagine that because THEY are so special, they are allowed to ignore, skirt, or just plain flout the restrictions.

And the group who are feeling the result the most, and having their lives taken by that pompous, ignorant, arrogant, selfish group of utter asswipes are our elderly, who’ve given their entire lives to building the country we now take for granted , who fought wars so we could be here now acting like spoiled brat children.

The groups that are also feeling the pinch are the disabled and vulnerable, who never did anything wrong and also worked hard for the country, and are now also in fear for their lives from the brat bullies that can’t see past the next trolleyfull of shitpaper or beefy goodness.

Most of which will rot before it gets consumed, right alongside the tens of kilos of vegetables, rice, pasta, and flour that those self-centred sub-humans out there fancy they’ll actually learn to cook. (Of which there’s not a chance as long as there are fast food chains and restaurant take-aways and delivery people to do their bit and put their lives at risk for those self-entitled @assholes.)

Of course, in the defense of a fair percentage of these folks, many have been given no choice but to keep going to work, because they’d have no income. But that’s a problem I lay fairly at Scott Morrison’s feet. His fixation on economic recovery at the price of human lives (It’s not just coronavirus deaths, but also people suddenly living so far below the poverty line that they are effectively dead or going to die in fairly short order) is despicable and cruel and barbarous, since all he’s doing is ensure that the rich stay privileged and the rest of Australia is sacrificed one person at a time to provide that continued prosperity for the few.

Wake the hell up Australia.