COVID Dipped In S**t

Coronavirus: How it spreads by four different ways in restaurants 

Feces. Because of course if they tested the sewage they could get a week start on outbreaks but who has time to do something useful and possibly life-saving for their population, right? 

 I recall reading a little while back that testing the sewage of individual suburbs gave a week’s advance warning of COVID activity spikes. I’ve also read more recently that some restaurant transmissions have now been attributed to toilets from aerosol shedding from flushing bowel movements.

This implies (to me, at any rate) that farts are an important transmission vector that we’ve so far been ignoring.

(Also, think how long a fart lingers in the air when you’ve just discreetly ‘cropdusted’ an aisle in the supermarket. Now adjust your idea of social distancing appropriately…)

Anyway – I just thought it was a thing that needed sharing…