The Kakistocrats

There’s a person we know 
who has shit for brains though
And he’s sending his people to heaven

He withholds all the dough 
For machines and tests so
He just sends his supporters to heaven

I find his behaviour to be very very deranged – and it has really alarming echoes for us in Australia. 

“There’s no such thing as a coronavirus pandemic – it’s just two people in Chaaina” and when that didn’t prove to be so, it was:

“It’s a ploy to steal our money, Chaaina want to steal our money.” and so on to:

“We’re the pandemic-managingest country in the whole world we’re soooo pandemic-managing.” and then to 

“You asked for 40,000 ventilators for NY, I gave you just a few, and look – people are still dying. Yay me.” (Hmmm. Maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing to say? I’ll blame Cuomo.)

But along the way he took some interesting turns and twists didn’t he? 

(pondering) “There’s all this stuff about hydroxychloroquine, maybe that’s a way I can save face because I’ll just say it works and of course it will and I’ll be the biggest hero president since Woodrow Wilson I will!” and then announcing that and then some of his supporters died of actually using it and that meant someone in his department had lied to him and so Rick Bright was fired.

He can’t take a trick here because he like so many other leaders ignored SARS-cov-2 and COVID-19 and look where that got the States – a Darwinian population control mechanism triggered by one defective brain… 

So now it’s injecting bleach – I mean, the people who suggest its use seemed like perfectly normal ordinary people didn’t they? They had none of that fancy medical degree baggage to chain their thinking, just like he himself! And then came the thought “… maybe that’s a way I can save face because I’ll just say it works and of course it will and I’ll be the biggest hero president since Woodrow Wilson I will!” 

He fails, and dimly, somewhere deep inside, he knows he failed. You can’t actually fail that hard and not know it, unless you’re a badly thrown rock. 

Ordained Dudeist Priest Ted.

And what worries me is how close Scott Morrison is to that same mindset. He took credit for his totally unexpected election victory (and therefore probably rigged and he knew it) by claiming he believed in Miracles – the big-M God Made This Miracle kind – because he’s had similar lobotomising experience with his Pentecostal church where he now believes if he “speaks it into existence” somehow his God will give him whatever he’s singing about. 

He (in all seriousness, mind you) suggested that Australians “pray for rain” while the bushfires ravaged and scorched a sizeable percentage of Australia, and when the weather finally changed as weather is pretty much bound to do after several months of being the best weather to be a bushfire and the worst weather to be a firefighter, you could see him swell with pride at “his” little miracle. 

It never occurred to him that taking his hand off it – the country’s purse string I meant, tut tut! – for buying more equipment for the firefighters, allowing the unemployed to consider firefighting to be community works that exempted them from seeking work for the duration, and applying more aid and less hand rape for affected  – might have been better than prayer for us, he was honestly surprised and chagrined when a teenage girl rejected his handshake, and when she said what everyone was thinking he literally ran away in confusion and consternation leaving his wife without any protective detail to look after her. 

And by his works shall ye know him. It’s funny how looking up that quote of something I just thought would be Scotty From Marketing’s political epitaph, ended up in a full circle

He was (like Trump and Johnson and most other world leaders) briefed in late November about a possible pandemic emanating from some fish market in Wuhan, China. And he too decided to do the very thing that happens at the beginning of every catastrophe movie, which was to ignore the warnings of the scientists because you know, his holiday in Hawaii and moving his family to Perth during the worst smoke and generally not giving a toss, was taking up all his time. 

He (like those other kakistocrats whom he is inextricably bound to in the public eye now) wanted to make sure the economy wasn’t further affected than the money grudgingly squeezed out of the coffers by him (as it turns out a mere pittance of two billion dollars) has not all been delivered yet and is leaving thousands homeless and in temporary accommodation for three months or more now. 

He and his government then relentlessly looked at ways they can squeeze more “economy” out of “the resources” which means they’re creating future (and not too far future) disasters in the interest of staving off a slight economic setback, and all that without considering how many animals and people (is there even any difference to him?) will perish because of those decisions.

Then along comes COVID-19 and suddenly the coffers (that didn’t even hold enough to deliver $2bnAUD aid to people who’d just suffered the worst time of their lives) can find $200bnAUD for “keeping the economy stimulated” so there’s an economy to come back to.

And just like KakisTrump and KakisBoris and the other kooky Kakistocrats, he’s indoctrinated in one or more of several belief systems. Religion is just one form of religious mania. The Neoliberal Market Led Economy is another. The cult of personality where one person’s opinion is promoted above the wisdom of the crowd is another. Another maniacal belief system is the belief that if the governments weren’t there guiding the people then civilisation would “collapse” and that their grip on the “economy” is their tool to “manage” and “control” the people. (Megalomania.)

But in the current situation 
:- Crops failed due to weather events directly attributable to human-caused global climate change) 
:- Disasters such as stormwater floods 
:- And hurricanes
:- And fires
are changing the world in other ways than just the physical and mental and emotional effects. 

People have seen that the value of their currency is arbitrary and their governments can just print more of it – so why do they not do that and end poverty? 

People have seen that the economies of the world are a similarly malleable concept that their governments have in effect used against them, waged war on them with it, making the “us vs them” seem a lot like “the kakistocracy vs everyone else” and suddenly they don’t seem quite so – kak – any more…

People are not going to take this lightly as they more and more come to realise these things…