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Things That Make Me Go Hmmm #2

“… given it feels like we have emerged from the worst of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic …”

David Elliott, Deputy MD, Ipsos Australia

Mr Elliott is a deputy MD for Ipsos, a survey company. \

So why is his opinion on the pandemic so worthy of noting? He doesn’t appear to have Health, Public Health, or Epidemiology qualifications but according to his take on it, report you’d be forgiven for thinking that COVID19 is over, finished, dust off the party clothes, yayyyy!

So then why do organisations – that you imagine would have a slightly better handle on public health, pandemics, and so forth – have a completely opposite view, and advise strongly to be more vigilant, mask more, be aware?

Dear Reader, COVID is far from over, and while health experts warn that their health departments all over the world are expected to be overrun with COVID patients, governments are doing their best to reduce the availability of news of heightened COVID activity. Things like that selective quote above seem designed to soft-pedal COVID’s predicted uptick.

Quick analysis: Pressures have increased all over – climate threatens our food supplies and in some case our very lives (if you live in a country near the equator, many of which are predicted to become unliveable in the next few years due to heat or rising sea levels elsewhere), political tensions are rising.

There are wars that are very much in our faces right now, and threats of war and conflict in regions that have been peaceful for several generations, and thus quite possibly the media soft-pedalling is there just to soften the effect that knowledge of a worsening pandemic might cause.

But the cynic in me says governments and the media are just throwing the most vulnerable of us under the bus as they usually do… Before you say that governments wouldn’t kill their constituents, read up on your history. If it’s convenient to a government to reduce the population, they will do it without hesitation or remorse. Read your history. This one is particularly relevant in today’s political climate. So is this one. Governments will sterilize, starve, “manage,” or plain execute a population at the drop of a hat.

To you and me, our “resources” are our families, our homes, our vegetable gardens if we have them, our income if we must buy food from others. To a government, the means of producing the food and houses are resources, but so are (and not in a good way but rather think “cannon fodder”) its people. 500 a year die in the mines? That seems fair for the amount of ore they produce. . .

Historically, if populations become too large, then at some stage they realise the power that they hold, and begin to wield it. Eight billion people in the world is a lot. Luckily for the world’s various governments, there’s COVID. We haven’t seen COVID peak yet, not by a long shot. It’s going to get a lot worse in 2023, stay safe, stay calm.

Read the links a few paragraphs back again. These things didn’t happen in the barbaric Dark Ages, they happened recently, with modern governments. By not managing the current pandemic properly, that’s literally all current governments have to do in order to prune the resources…


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