Health Minister Spahn (Germany) made what I think is one of the most quotable quotes a year and a bit ago. He said something along the lines that by the end of Winter, everyone would be “vaccinated, recovered or dead.” I thought about that a lot, and I couldn’t really work out why any sane intelligent human could say that.

Vaccinated? The virus mutates. It shapeshifts, it finds forms that are more transmissible, that survive the existing vaccines. Being vaxxed means that the OG strains of it can’t (usually…) reinfect you. But because so many people refused, the virus found ways to transmit, and each transmission introduced some variation, and eventually some variations found ways to infect vaccinated people. And because we won’t keep up vaccine development to stay abreast of the variations, and even when we do many people will refuse it, the rest of us will have to live with a virus that will keep growing to evade each successive vaccine.

Recovered. Nope. Sorry. The virus does permanent damage on each and every infection. It leaves a little lesion here and some destroyed neurons there and a damaged heart muscle there. It takes a sideswipe at a patient’s immune system, weakening it. People who are infected even once are forever damaged and will never recover.

That leaves only one of Jens Spahn’s quote that’s true. People will be dead. And I’m not the only one that thinks so.


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