How Can This Happen In A Democratic Country?

You may want to email your local MP, this is the sort of thing the Chinese government does, it should NOT be something we’re subjected to in Australia. Also boycott any POS rag that Murdoch has his stinky little fingers in. — —

The One Thing About Flu Shots

(What I Saw Today.) Flu shots are almost contactless. You rock up to the parking lot at the medical center at an appointed time. Then a doctor. Comes out. And gives you the flu shot. Just wind down your window, confirm who you are, show a shoulder, receive a flu shot. A nurse could do … Read more

Urban Farming Production

One thing we should be doing more is gardening, planting things. Of all the things we can do under restrictions and lockdowns this has to be one of the most fulfilling and productive things we can do. When things ease up – whenever that may be – we’ll have some lovely produce at home. We’ll … Read more

Stuff Gets Personal: The Operation

Thursday 30 July 2020 marked a few milestones. The state of Victoria, Australia recorded a record number of COVID-19 cases in a 24 hour period, more than ALL of Australia had ever reached. (And then promptly broke THAT record the next day.) For me, a milestone of another kind was unfolding . . . Ten … Read more

Mouthwash Application in COVID

Mouthwash Could Reduce SARS-CoV-2 Short-Term Viral Load, Cell Culture Study Suggests TL;DR – A clinical trial is under way following cell culture experiments that suggest that some mouthwashes can reduce the amount of viral shedding from breathing. It isn’t a cure for COVID-19 but a way to reduce your viral load that you’d normally … Read more

Second Waves

What we’re seeing is almost every country experiencing rises in infection rates as soon as they lift restrictions, unless they’ve managed complete elimination. And even then, New Zealand after – what, four months without any cases? – has recorded a four new cases and had to lockdown Auckland hard and the rest of the country … Read more

Quick Editorial #77

(That isn’t written by some slimy Murdoch rag…) People blame our State Premier Daniel Andrews for everything. Not reacting quickly enough, reacting too severely, overreacting, not reacting strictly enough, being a dictator (yep seriously, it rankles some people enough that they almost invoke Godwin’s Law) and Dog knows what else. But you know what? It’s … Read more

COVID Dipped In S**t

Coronavirus: How it spreads by four different ways in restaurants  Feces. Because of course if they tested the sewage they could get a week start on outbreaks but who has time to do something useful and possibly life-saving for their population, right?   I recall reading a little while back that testing the sewage of individual … Read more