The One Thing About Flu Shots

(What I Saw Today.)

Flu shots are almost contactless. You rock up to the parking lot at the medical center at an appointed time.

Then a doctor. Comes out. And gives you the flu shot. Just wind down your window, confirm who you are, show a shoulder, receive a flu shot.

A nurse could do it. A pharmacist could do it. You or I or the receptionist could even do it if it comes to that, given that it comes in a prepacked single use syringe and the instructions are pretty much “wipe a spot with alcohol swab, stick needle in now clean spot, press the plunger.”

I’m just surprised that we a) put a doctor at risk (I know, they’re more at risk sitting in their office when they have to take a face to face consultation) and – more importantly -b) we take up their time with a 10 minute procedure in a car park.

We do that a lot, to our GPs. We get them to take up a whole consult slot to sign repeat prescriptions that a nurse or pharmacist could do, or to give a flu jab. When I was in primary school, the school nurse could give MMR and similar childhood shots. I’m sure nurses are even more well trained and capable nowadays. And I know that pharmacists have to have good practical medical skills too.

So why ARE we overloading our GPs like this?

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