Today Is Going To Be A Great Day

(c)2020 RO (Ted) Russ “F*ck this,” grumbled the square of sticky bandage. “Two extra days you kept me stuck on here because you’re too cheap to change your boop patches every seven days – just to save a few bucks!” It detached itself from my shoulder, fell on the table, and humped inchworm-wise to the … Read more

Rally THIS!

This is a figment First my apologies for the tone of this article. I’m terrified and also frustrated and actually LIVID with anger at these bastards. (I never thought I’d be able to use that word but yep, it’s exactly the right word for this.) The world is past the point where we can reverse … Read more

Is COVID19 Endemic? It may have come from a far less harmful virus that has been around in us for a while. Sort of like flu. Some who had it may have had a mild flu or just a cough, then that was it. But as it was transmitted between people it would have mutated. Viruses mutate … Read more

responsibility vs determinism

Xxxxxxxxx, you say that “We don’t try to reason with bears or babies or lunatics because they aren’t able to respond appropriately.” In saying this, you’re overlooking important corollaries to what you say; and confusing response and communication. By saying that “We don’t try to reason with . . . babies or lunatics . . … Read more

Diversion: AI And I, 2

So why didn’t I just print it on paper, like a caveman? Well, I tried to, once. But the word processor kept deleting the files as soon as I saved them. Then the PC activated the printer and the cat disappeared inside, next thing a heap of LOLcat memes slid out the paper tray. And … Read more

Diversion: AI And I, 1

It started pretty innocuously, the way so many things do. (And some don’t. Some, like the Coming Of The NeoLibTard RWNJs, started loudly and noxiously and conspicuously, of course. The world’s still suffering from them and may never fully recover…) But there was a program that was running a simulation of a program that was … Read more

Also, SARS-cov-2 Is Not THE Disaster, 5

Today I fly by the seat of my pants, no prep article available. Losing my inspiration with it actually. Only so much you can say about the state of the world before you find yourself repeating “it’s fecked, we’re fecked” in a hopeless mumble, over and over. I mean – look at it. LOOK AT … Read more

And The Animals, 2

So yes, Ghostie was pretty much my familiar, my kitchen familiar. And I was devastated when he passed away a few years ago. But a year and a half later, we had the opportunity to take two kittens to replace our old bois. Wife’s old boi also had passed away, coincidentally almost a year to … Read more

And The Animals, 1

Dear children, today’s sermon is about the animals of the Earth. For I’ve walked among them as one, and it’s been good. (To clarify, we ALL walk among them, you’re never more that a few metres from a rat or a spider or any of up to several hundred creatures, even in the metropolitan areas.) … Read more