COV-19 Renaissance: Origins Matter

S: “Why does philosophy matter?”P: “I don’t know, why does science matter?”S: “Well because scie-“P: “Annnnnnnd there you are doing philosophy.” Country (big C Country) cooking is maintenance, myth, and medicine all in one. Long before there was any organised medicine or even shamanism, cooking determined the Country and was determined by it. To this … Read more

CoV19 Renaissance, Enter The Dragon

And so today it’s about our friend COVID19 again. I’m about to go to the Oldies Hour, the hour that some supermarkets have set aside for pensioners, older people, and those who may be compromised. Mix ’em together! Mix ’em together and see how many we can infect! Apparently it’s been a load of nothing … Read more

Masks Work. Apparently. If there’s one thing science is good at, it’s science. And the science says that even if you feel healthy, even if you feel silly for walking around with a mask on when you feel fine, if – if – you start showing signs a few days later, you’ll know that at a time … Read more

Also, SARS-cov-2 Is Not THE Disaster, 4

It’s best to take this in bite-sized chunks. I feel that in some ways, I’m a very dangerous individual. To existing orders of power and wealth, to people who can’t see past their neolithic origins yet, to people who still feel that they must retain absolute power by using religion as a tool of fear … Read more

Also, SARS-cov-2 is not THE Disaster, 3

Okay – but HOW do we redefine these things and make it so everything works? It’s a difficult one. How do we stop people creating, say, a better version of COVID19 in the lab rather than the cure? How do we stop the master cabinetmaker from creating a transformer that explodes in a flurry of … Read more

Ermagerd Fermi Paradox!

The generally accepted classifications of civilisations are I, II, and III. Type I can exploit all resources of their planet. There’s a problem right there, because that’s what we’re doing right now and it’s going to Great Filter us all in a few more decades… Seriously, the first thing a civilisation has to do if … Read more

Ohai Corona: Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

UPDATE: I wrote this weeks ago – when it was the start of a whole new era – but it’s still worth a read. I said the other day that COVID – 19 has already changed the world fundamentally and dramatically. We say goodbye to people we deal with every week due to quarantine and … Read more

Ohai Corona: Things To Do After The Pandemic

Going Out After The Pandemic, Yes or No? I don’t know. I wish I did know. We two are pretty much alone here, and I’m the only one that drives. Australia’s currently in better shape than many other countries so it’s a bit safer than many, but there are second wave and third wave outbreaks … Read more

Also, SARS-cov-2 Is Not THE Disaster, 2

Part 2. So now you’re wondering about what I said about the potential for change. What’s the story Ted? Spit it out. Okay – so one thing that’s traditionally happened has been that we DID look after one another at the local level because that’s all we had at the time. We grew a lot … Read more

Zombies Are Finally Real

I’ve been watching in horror as the world loses its collective mind. I’m in horror because this pretty much means the end of things for many of us. We’re not going to survive the damage SARS-COV-2 is wreaking, and it’s a sobering thought. Earth’s finally found a cure for what’s ailing her, and we’re about … Read more