CoV19 Renaissance, Enter The Dragon

And so today it’s about our friend COVID19 again. I’m about to go to the Oldies Hour, the hour that some supermarkets have set aside for pensioners, older people, and those who may be compromised. Mix ’em together! Mix ’em together and see how many we can infect!

Apparently it’s been a load of nothing for the ones that have tried it. Understocked shelves (wonder if they stock them properly AFTER their largesse gesture?) and lots of old crips pushing and shoving. It’s not like we NEED anything that I couldn’t get later in the day, but apparently the queues are pretty big first thing now.

Also, price gouging. A $3 pack of mixed nuts is now $5. “Put the bigger more expensive cuts of meat out now, the oldies will have no choice.” We’re showing we’re in dire straits, and the supermarkets are just more than happy to cash in on our situations…

I got in and out fairly quickly – 10 minutes at Coles but 15 at Woolies. LOADS of people in Woolies, far less congenial crowd than the former. As for what was in stock – not much sugar, litle pasta and flour, no hand sanitiser at Coles only a few (if you knew where to find them that is) at Woolies. Surprisingly, toilet paper, not much but some. At least four people that were sociable and polite. All at Coles bar the nice woman who let me in ahead as all I had was flour, and then I scroed a hand sanitised apiece for us as a thankyou.

So – mortgages and loan interest repayments – what’s going to happen? Yeah. Banks will keep accumulating them and people will survive the pandemic only to get thrown into the poor house because of those leeches. World needs a fucking big shake – up and I sincerely hope this event triggers it, a run on tar and feathering bank CEOs in the good old fashioned it will kill you manner, and a new insistence on cash rather than plastic.

Can it – will it – happen? Probably not because people are too stupid. But it’s a nice thought.

AGOCADA – I managed to make one piece of code and can now practice doing it the right way in modules I can re – use across FEPs.

It took me a whole (^* &* day to get a piece of software hacked into use for ONE solenoid controller but it’s a start and will be re – useable. Most of the problem was me not getting my head around the idea of a countback timer loop, but that’s now luckily a working thing, mainly because I threw as much random code at it as I could and some of it stuck.

My breakfast noodles are almost finished so I’m going to take a break – and THAT is why I don’t live – write on 750w. I have better things to do than satisfy wpm bragging.

I’d rather eat my noodles without pressure than to feel under constant pressure to perform miracles of verbiage. Less ulcers that way, too. And I’m out of practical examples with that, so here’s a brief expansion on the Manifesto:

It’s not just a great thought experiment in social engineering. It’s been done to us already to advance certain hoarding persons’ agendas, to prevent advancement of quality of life for all alive. We’ve been born to it, been exposed to ti in kindergarten, in school and college and university, we’re exposed to it in advertising and news and movies. It takes only one generation for the knowledge of how to grow and process our own food (for example) to almost vanish completely from first world citizens.

The world needs Renaissance men and women. Renaissance people lived on a cusp between two ways of life, with serfdom and servitude on one side and the Industrial Revolution on the other. They used their leisure to learn and learn and learn. (I hope they learn how to make tar and feathers for wankerbankers and CEOs, actually. Also some creative solutions to Police harassment and oppression.)

I read an article about flamethrowers and the correct things to fuel them with, also some non-lethal (indeed, no flame involved) methods of deployment. I’ll see if I can remember the approximate wording:

“If beleaguered, it’s often enough to merely spray the besiegers with the dragon, soaking them thoroughly with the fuel, and then allow them to consider the position they are now in. A strategic withdrawal is almost always chosen.”

I think there’s something in that for everyone, don’t you?