Also, SARS-cov-2 Is Not THE Disaster, 5

Today I fly by the seat of my pants, no prep article available. Losing my inspiration with it actually. Only so much you can say about the state of the world before you find yourself repeating “it’s fecked, we’re fecked” in a hopeless mumble, over and over. I mean – look at it. LOOK AT IT! It’s munted and whimpering for a bullet.

Today is reserved for happy thoughts. Like a Louisville Slugger baseball bat. For applying to the heads of several heads of the country, our Prime Moron, our Prime Malfeasant, our Prime Miscaclulator, and of course the Prime Red Rooter oh dear did I accidentally mis – spell Rorter – no, no I didn’t – he’s both but it’s his dick getting him onto trouble that’ll be remembered most unfortunately, not his misdealings that stole an entire fucking river from us.

I was so hoping this article would get a or rating bit I guess I’ve just fucked that up…

Blithely blundering blithering and dithering I’ll continue dishing.

Absolute snortercorker of an article about the sudden increase in sales of bidets and the truly troglodytean habit of wiping our asses with fluffed – up trees, had tears streaming down me leg, really it did. Also, Keryr bought us a fixed bidet accessory almost two years ago and about six months we finally got all the hardware to attach it to our porcelain throne. We’re goddamn hipsters. I mean, unless you hooked it up to the hot water pipes and risked poached eggs it’s always going to be “cool” but we had one of these bum – and – ‘rhoid – cooling gizmos long before it was cool. Go the Japanese, masters of making a natural normal bodily function the focus of almost fetishism.

Geoff and Lyn have as said sold Lyn’s uncle’s estate and property and are now close to millionaires, and the house opposite them in their ct is up for sale and they were thinking of buying it and renting to us for life. And I’m almost tempted … Only …

It’s a much wider climate range where they are. A mere 100km inland and uphill, winters are colder and summers hotter, rains fewer. I have to say – I’m already sad and depressed that our summer here wasn’t as golden and halcyon as I’d have liked, it’s not the usual for the climate here but there’s all those things we aren’t keeping an eye on while a little stickle whiffle ball of a virus keeps our attention fixated. I could do with summerier summers but Wifey couldn’t.

The colder cold weather would leave me miserable but Wifey would find it better than the halfway cold weather we get here. We’d both benefit from less humidity but going too far is not good for me either.

Then there’s the fickleness of human nature. Already had one falling out with Geoff about his right-wing neoliberal capitalistic authoritarian approach to the way the government’s treating us pensioners, and despite their earnest undertakings they can never guarantee that they’d honour our lifelong tenancy.

And now to those things we aren’t talking about. Sheesh where to start?

Climate change. People STILL act like it isn’t a thing, that we don’t have to worry, the Earth will balance it. (Short answer, yes, she will – but it’ll be by removing the cause of the illness she has, that cause being primarily us the human race … You get that on these kinds of jobs …)

Bushfires. People are STILL homeless, shafted by their insurance or unable to afford insurance, living in temporary accommodations, there’s a TWO BILLION DOLLAR shaped hole in the government’s two billion dollar assistance package that’s suddenly not being investigated, private and charity organisation assistance is being mishandled, mismanaged, misdirected, and outright stolen.

Ditching coal and fossil fuels. With a $66Bn package to help out with coronavirus but no money to help reforest what logging and farming and mining have stolen without the approval of the Australian populace, and no money to help farmers recover and refocus their farming efforts on carbon negative and regenerative practices so that we have a resilient food system, no money to replace old polluting technology with renewables / sustainables / electric and hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure / getting drivers to be passengers in autonomous vehicles.

(and that discrepancy between bushfire aid and pandemic aid shows that Morrison’s only protecting himself not too concerned about the actual plight of Australians that aren’t named Scott Morrison.)

In fact, we need to tell the banks to fuck off, tell large food corporations to fuck off, othe rlarge corporations to fuck off. We need to re-start our innovation capital status, we need to start planning for a free country, a big experiment in new societal structures. We need less schools and more education, more civics and less religion, more art and innovation and less capitalistic greed.

We can do all that and use our national outputs to maintain a monetary account worldwide – but AS A NATION NOT AS INDIVIDUALS – and internally we can just enjoy a stress – free and financial pressure – free life of doing what we’re each GOOD at rather than what we HAVE to do in order to survive.

Wow. From blog to soap – box in about two paragraphs…