The Newever After.

Last week I was pleased to see in my town, very few cars in the streets and people observing good distance. It was the week before the Easter holiday. It was maybe 2 – 3 weeks tops since we started talking about and adopting lockdown isolation. But also last week our pissweak government started to … Read more

Actual Shopping. Finally.

I’m going to repeat this piece from the pinned post and add a fair bit of extra information to it. There’s so much about shopping that’s going to change… We’ve had the Great TP Stampede of 2020. (Probably.) The Pasta Prohibition followed it, along with All Your Yeast Are Belong To Us and the Say … Read more

Besides Emergency Services, 1

Viruses aren’t a bacterium nor a mold nor a fungus, they’re in essence a little tiny grain of minerals and chemicals. A rock, if you like. We have weapons against some viruses, and some viruses aren’t very persistent or harmful. SARS-cov-2 has become a battleground, with a whole civilisation mobilising to fight back against a … Read more

The Clown Car Cavalcade of Comedy

(That isn’t even funny, sadly…) I fear the end of the USA is at hand. Because a bungling ass-clown has just claimed he has “absolute power” to rule the States.  And look – you can check with Wifey who’ll bear me out – I said just a few days earlier that Trump was looking decidedly … Read more

Making Sense Of The Post COVID19 World – Some Information And Tips

Can I go to the shops and just, you know, browse around? What’ll I find at the shops, anyway? How do I, what happens, where and why? There’s patchy information out there and I’ve been collecting and curating… I’m keeping this article pinned and will keep adding practical information as I find it. UPDATED: 24/April/2020 … Read more

Fetch Me My Louisville Slugger!

I have to start with this: Trump on why he picked Easter as the day he wants to end strict social distancing and reopen American businesses: “Easter is a very special day for me … Easter Sunday, and you’ll have packed churches all over our country.” Aaron Rupar @atrupar The States are in trouble if … Read more