Besides Emergency Services, 1

Viruses aren’t a bacterium nor a mold nor a fungus, they’re in essence a little tiny grain of minerals and chemicals. A rock, if you like.

We have weapons against some viruses, and some viruses aren’t very persistent or harmful. SARS-cov-2 has become a battleground, with a whole civilisation mobilising to fight back against a rock that’s too good at being harmful to us.

And it’s a war.

We’re used to referring to the people in surgical masks and makeshift scrubs as our elite troops. But wars never stop there. Every ‘non-combatant’ is still a soldier whether they like it or not.

Even more importantly, there are always other troops besides the elite, and they’re the ones working tirelessly to keep up a supply chain, set up beach-heads, staff the factories. Without them the war’s over.

They’re the ones that are facing the virus – and having rocks thrown at them by the ‘non-combatants’ because the non-coms feel that they’re more important than anyone else.

Don’t be a non-com nincompoop…

FFS – just don’t…