The Kakistocrats

There’s a person we know who has shit for brains thoughAnd he’s sending his people to heaven He withholds all the dough For machines and tests soHe just sends his supporters to heaven I find his behaviour to be very very deranged – and it has really alarming echoes for us in Australia.  “There’s no such thing … Read more

War On Virus, War On War.

On here I’ve posted a links page with links to every kind of resource for information about SARS-cov-2 and the COVID-19 figures. The latest is the worldometer page for coronavirus stats and figures. There are tables of fairly up to date information you can arrange by any column, and find out where your country … Read more

OHai Corona 15 – Lose The Lightning Rods

Why do so many of my newsletters come to me now with the message: “Capitalism is dead! It can’t survive SARS-cov-2! Please donate money to us!” Talk about lightning rods.  (For those that have never heard of them, lightning rods were metal – rods, just steel rods –  with a pointed bit and all – … Read more

OHai Corona 7 – Other Future Possibilities.

Looking forward, what can we think will happen? I can think of both long and short term events that’ll result from here on. And I can. First, you have to see that this pandemic comes on the heels of a most horrific bushfire season in Australia where people died also, and tens of thousands were … Read more


So a lot of RL stuff has happened here – I’ve been tested for and found clear of COVID-19, the living room has been moved through 90 degrees and several perturbations, I’ve gone from being stressed to being elated to being physically stressed to being panicked again now because my COPD has been exacerbated by … Read more

The Newever After.

Last week I was pleased to see in my town, very few cars in the streets and people observing good distance. It was the week before the Easter holiday. It was maybe 2 – 3 weeks tops since we started talking about and adopting lockdown isolation. But also last week our pissweak government started to … Read more

Actual Shopping. Finally.

I’m going to repeat this piece from the pinned post and add a fair bit of extra information to it. There’s so much about shopping that’s going to change… We’ve had the Great TP Stampede of 2020. (Probably.) The Pasta Prohibition followed it, along with All Your Yeast Are Belong To Us and the Say … Read more

Some Solutions?

This. Yesterday, I kept a ‘telehealth consultation’ phone appointment with my GP, who decided my condition warranted a swab test for COVID-19. (The disease that SARS-cov-2 causes.) The frontline elite infection control team at the local hospital processed me through in what would normally have been my lunch break, and left me plenty of time … Read more

Besides Emergency Services, 1

Viruses aren’t a bacterium nor a mold nor a fungus, they’re in essence a little tiny grain of minerals and chemicals. A rock, if you like. We have weapons against some viruses, and some viruses aren’t very persistent or harmful. SARS-cov-2 has become a battleground, with a whole civilisation mobilising to fight back against a … Read more

Also, SARS-cov-2 Is Not THE Disaster, 1

Chicken FB group question: “What can I feed one of my girls who has always been under weight and small …” How about “… into the stockpot?” Stop wasting time trying to keep the weakest of your flock alive, concentrate on making your flock stronger. Here’s a few thoughts regarding the world: On any given … Read more