Some Of Our Cast Of Idiots

(Also known as right wing neoliberal capitalist politicians to whom a dollar is worth more than your life.) Black Friday March 2020. We went to town for one thing only, get Wifey to see a doctor and find out she has a lung infection, but probably not COVID19. Small mercies. Also we both have a … Read more

Not Everything Here’s Going To Be About CoV19

Watching a video about IoT insecurities, trying to plan my own IoT stuff in my head while writing this, and also trying to formulate a recycling idea – BIG IDEA – that has been bouncing around my head for almost a decade, and it’s what I might focus on right here in this post. For … Read more

Things Starting To Get A Bit Real

I’m starting today after seeing my wife off to a visit with her sister for that worthy’s 60th. We rarely both leave the house for extended periods together because of the cats, garden, and general security aspects. Being right on a main highway and the major footpath from town to points north means our cats … Read more

So the TP Hysteria has settled a bit. Except…

People being dumb #1,452: In ALDI today getting a few things, they have limited supply of TP again, so they’re one pack per customer. Smart arse in the next checkout is hugging a mountain of packs. Checkout person tells him it’s a limit of one per customer, he gets all legal eagle and says “there … Read more

The Day It Got Real

So the news of the decade is COVID-19 aka Novel Coronavirus. It apparently affects people’s brains before even infecting them. Either that or Australia is screwed royally… Today is a typical day post-COVID: Yesterday’s national disaster was that a truck carrying toilet paper caught fire. Yep. Because all our Newly-Minted Born-Again Preppers have decided that … Read more

What OHaiCorona is and isn’t

“O Hai Corona!” was one of the first thoughts to cross my mind when I started finding this scary and seemingly unstoppable virus showing up all over my news, my social media, and my TV and radio. I’ve made it the name of this site as much for catharsis as for the identity it conveys. … Read more