So the TP Hysteria has settled a bit. Except…

People being dumb ,452:

In ALDI today getting a few things, they have limited supply of TP again, so they’re one pack per customer. Smart arse in the next checkout is hugging a mountain of packs. Checkout person tells him it’s a limit of one per customer, he gets all legal eagle and says “there are two different brands, so I should be allowed to get them both. And that one’s just paper towels, why can’t I just take them all?”

So she explains that it’s one pack of ANY kind per person, not by brand, and it’s not her decision, it’s come down from the head offiice. Guy chucked a little muttering hissy fit and almost threw the one pack of TP at her but kept the other TP and the paper towel. Wonder if he’ll be just as stroppy with the plumber when the paper towel blocks his crapper? Hehehehe.

Nothing else really new so I wonder what I’m going to prattle on about, probably the most twee of twee rubbish.

Submitted my writing to a site that tries to analyse your tone and mood and so forth. Analyse this you – you … you program: What am I thinking? You scream because you do not know. Any A I that does this is going to seem like magic to a sufficiently retarded populace. And boy do we seem to be retarded, no-one knows anything any more, it is like a community wide dumbing down has taken place.

Every where I look I see dumb people, dumb people, and more dumb people. They seem to specialise in being dumb. Pasta shelves cleared in the stores.

Today has been a disappointment in many ways. But our cleaner came and cleaned the front of the house (she’s excellent) and that’s a job off the list, I made soda bread and some mung bean sprout trays for a gift, and things on that area are looking up.

Who – or what – owns the world already? Besides stupidity and greed that is. Who knows? Maybe the AIs already do. Own it, that is. And are now out to get me because I am on to them. ICs and transistors! Under my bed! In the belfry! Up my nose! The carpet is lousy with nanobot replicators, there is a small army of greasy rhomboid ‘bots in my toast. The left one looks like a ventricle and snorts sriracha sauce at me. Not too pleasing a sight actually, as the sauce has gotten in to my eye and is stinging like heck. O M G Only 70 or so words to go! Can I do it while under attack by greasoid rhomboids? I launch myself at it like a crazed algorithm, several lines at a time.

Did you know that any given program always has at least one bug? And that any given program can be shortened by one line without affecting core functionality? Which means that the ideal program is just one line of code. A line that doesn’t work…

But I mention AI because it’s beginning to play a much larger part in life since CoV19. Stay, as they say, tuned…

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