Things Starting To Get A Bit Real

I’m starting today after seeing my wife off to a visit with her sister for that worthy’s 60th. We rarely both leave the house for extended periods together because of the cats, garden, and general security aspects. Being right on a main highway and the major footpath from town to points north means our cats have a fenced-in yard, and we have a security system. Anyhow – I digress.

So Wifey’s gone to Sis-in-law’s for a few days, I’m a bachelor. I have a few things that I need to get done today, shopping for meds and a few hardware items, maybe some pantry staples. I have a bit of a bowel issue at the moment, so glad I’m not the one travelling.

Things that have hit me really hard – the figures on how many people who catch CoV19, end up with lung damage. I already have so much damage that I think it’d make life really difficult for me. I hope the girls stay safe in Melbourne for the two overnights, too. Sis-in-law has a heart condition and Wifey like myself has COPD from being a smoker.

We’re the tail end of a huge experiment in how much money some bastards could wring out of people while slowly killing them. If things were equitable fair and just in the world, those corporations would be buying me a house and car, paying for billions of dollars worth of research into how to make good for their negligent homicides, and paying for any medications I and people like me need.

As it is, they sit fat and sleek in their little island getaways and no-one’s gone and tortured them slowly to death while overseeing the transfer of all the proceeds of their crimes to the victims. Life just doesn’t seem fair sometimes…

I was hoping to work outdoors in the garden but the “Place of Wind and Rain” is living up to its name and there’s a mini gale blowing outside. So shopping and then cooking it is. Followed by more writing. I might plan some AGOCADA stuff even.

(AGOCADA is a Top Secret software and hardware project I’m working on, among other things. There’ll be more about it once I get past my “developer’s block.”)

One thing, I notice a lot of places have been running competitions for drones to be used in firefighting situations, and people are setting them up for forward communications platforms, first aid delivery, there are some commercial efforts with actual water spraying drones, and so forth. Oh and some drone with a flame thrower.

Put a few things together: Firefighters risk their life setting controlled burns to limit fire spread. A drone with a camera, GPS, and flame thrower; and there are controlled burns that need to be set. Hmmm….. Nope, no idea springs to mind.

Oh and for the people caught in the fire, we can drop them medical supplies that they can use – IF they don’t get burnt to a crisp first. Wouldn’t it be better to drop fire survival blankets first?

But forward comms, right? Yeah, for about 15 – 60 minutes at a time before the drone has to relinquish its station for a new battery pack.

Fire spotting and mapping though? This is about the only useful thing that a drone can do, and it’s what the water drop choppers and planes can already do, is give a sitrep.

Here’s an idea: What about AFTER the fire? There are already some u-beaut and only slightly expensive drones out there that can spread seed bombs for agriculture. They have limited use in agriculture because they are only needed where the tractor-based pneumatic seeder can’t go, and generally they won’t be planting crops but cover crops and natural re – vegetation seeds.

Hmmm… There’s something there… Can’t quite… Figure it out…

Ah yeah – they can have a great benefit AFTER the fires, to speedily re – vegetate the area. And while they need a fair bit of support and a drone pilot’s license to operate,. here’s another thought – there are a HEAP of sub – $100 drones out there that are also under the magic 250g limit for requiring a commercial license.

Mine is around 120g and flies for 20-30 minutes on a battery, at a fair turn of speed. It has a disposable sauce tub container attached to the top with double sided foam tape. Adding 110g of seed bombs still leaves it under the magic weight, 20 minutes straight flight is about two flights of a kilometre out and back, or more at closer range. 110g of seed bombs is about 8 – 30 (depending on size) at a time. Once i’m over the target area a quick touch of the 360 flip button distributes those bombs beautifully. I have four batteries and by the time I’ve flown four batteries’ worth of sorties, the first battery at least will be recharged and I can get probably 180 minutes of flying per day.

So crowdsource. Use 100 people each flying a cheap drone, thousands of seed bombs, reseed hundreds of acres with natural vegetation. Make the seed bombs with locally sourced clays, don’t for the sake of all that’s retarded use some bullshit chemical that we won’t know for decades what effect it’ll have on the local wildlife…

Yes. I’m mixing CoV19 and the bushfires in here. They’re ALL emergencies and they all have similar deadly and dire effects on life. In a few places they’re now thinking of using thermal imaging drones to spot people with fevers, and

Yep. Personalised abuse and scrutiny from the Mayors themselves, delivered by drone.

CoV19 is going to change such a LOT of things, you have no idea…