Increasing Incidence Of Diseases

In A Post-Industrial World Presented without sources – you can look each of these things up online yourself and there are quite literally tens of thousands of articles, news items, or papers – if you can be arsed to wade through a few thousand words apiece of densely-packed terminology. Or you can take my word … Read more

The Thing About The Medical Establishment

Imma say it – it’s just another “establishment.” And they have been right under the hammer the last few years, and are still copping a tsunami of overwork. For their sake, I’m going to ask all my readers to wear a mask in public, social distance as much as possible, and keep hand sanitisation up. … Read more

Ten things twitter folks know about Covid

. . . that people on the streets don’t. Goodtern wraps it up for you: And yeah – the list grew and is still not exhaustive… Ten things twitter folks know about Covid that people o the streets don’t. 1Covid isn’t over2There’s no such thing as herd immunity3Covid is hospitalising thousands each week4Covid harms kids5Covid … Read more