The Thing About The Medical Establishment

Imma say it – it’s just another “establishment.”

And they have been right under the hammer the last few years, and are still copping a tsunami of overwork. For their sake, I’m going to ask all my readers to wear a mask in public, social distance as much as possible, and keep hand sanitisation up. It’s not a lot to do and it WILL stem the flood of COVID victims that are bringing every medical establishment to their knees.

Seriously – there are between 5x and 15x more cases daily than there were at the height of the declared pandemic two years ago. Taking off the masks and lockdowns has proven to be a really really bad idea. I’ll get to the ‘establishment’ part of this article soon enough, but for now let me just have a bit of a brag.

The Brags:

I foretold a thing. In three different posts, I’ve referred to COVID as an archetypical ‘zombie’ virus. By that I didn’t quite mean that people would become brain-eating shambling automata, but that the virus was making people more likely to disregard public safety standards. It seemed the only reason I could see for the way people rejected masks, social distancing, and all the accumulated science.

Brace yourselves.

I’ll just post these links as they are, and you can read them or not as you please.

The take-aways from this are that you can actually tell if a person has had COVID if you compare IQ test results from before and after. I’m not sure exactly where I read that, be it in one of those three articles or another one, but the science seems to be that certain on this. The loss of sense of smell wasn’t a symptom of COVID but just one of the symptoms of the damage COVID was inflicting on the brain.

NOW can you see how on the money I was with the ‘zombie virus’ evaluation? Yeah.

The OG Zombie Virus Is Here, Now

Look up ‘zombie ants’ and ‘toxoplasmosis’ for two other microscopic brain – and thus behaviour – altering organisms. Toxoplasmosis in particular is known to have an effect on mice and rats – and monkeys, apes, and humans. I have absolutely zero doubt that in the very near future there’ll be some phsychology study results that’ll also bear out my feeling that COVID is giving itself every chance to spread by also making people more sociopathic and less altruistic.

Go on – change my mind.

With every person that I’ve known that has caught it, they’re invariably like “Oh it’s just like the flu. Okay, so maybe my partner spent a week on a ventilator and I was like death warmed up for six weeks, but hey – we’re both still alive and all.” They conveniently ignore that they can only taste things as metallic or bitter, they can’t do their mental math as easily any more, or that they’re exhausted every day. To me, THAT is a masterclass in mind control right there.

Add the aggression (“WTF why are you still wearing a mask, COVID’s OVER FFS!“) and you can see the fucking virus making sure it gets spread far and wide. Add to this that it still obeys the basic laws of virus propagation and you can see that my view that COVID is far from finished with the human race. See, a virus can’t just reach out and grab you – it has to be spread, by some kind of contact. And it can’t mutate unless it moves from one host to another, as it only picks up new chunks of DNA during the transfer.

Also, the effects. With many saying that it’s “just like a cold or flu” they’re ignoring some basic science, which is that EVERY virus leaves damage. Flu directly killed (and still kills) tens of thousands every years but also left people with damage to organs such as the lungs and heart, lodged in tendons and muscles, and set the stage for inflammatory disease.

Malaria was and still is a major human-killer, and is able to lodge and hide itself for decades and then suddenly flare up again. Mononucleosis (glandular fever) only has to infect a person once to leave lasting system and organ damage, catching it doesn’t confer immunity and so it can be caught again and again, each time chipping away here and there. And the effects are long-lived or even permanent, and cumulative.

Don’t forget another thing – virions (the particles of a virus when not in a host) can’t move, they can’t “jump up and latch on” to a victim. Most virus particles also have a shelf life. It might be decades for some (we just don’t know ALL viruses yet) but for SARS-CoV-2 it’s a half life of three to six weeks. I.e. after that time, half of all the virions are inactivated and just so much dust. They have to be transferred between hosts quickly to reproduce, to mutate and thus hopefully evolve into an even more successful virus.

Viruses are so well adapted to exploiting their hosts that it would actually surprise me if a successful virus DIDN’T have a way to influence its host.

Now The Establishment

We’ve seen that every government’s medical establishments have, almost with one voice, demonstrated the efficaciousness of masks and social distancing and quarantining. We’ve also seen that their efforts have either been quashed or just let go of, as time goes on. We can guess that they got tired of trying to make themselves heard over the bullshit of capitalism and governments, or that they’ve had a few doses of COVID themselves, with the seemingly inevitable effects on their mentality.

And let’s face it, the medical establishment hasn’t always been lightning-fast at adopting new technology, techniques, or medications. On the one had you can see that they really need to carefully weight a new barely-tested drug that promises either near-instant relief – or near-instant death – against a proven drug that has a 70% success rate and takes its time fixing the issue.

Also add in that a doctor needs to be somewhat sociopathic and narcissistic to perform their job. If they had empathy with their patients they couldn’t reconcile some of the things they have to do, and if they weren’t narcissistic to some degree it’s likely they’d never have the confidence to do them to begin with.

It’s a huge ponderous machine that has to be set in motion. And it’s also just like the rest of us. We’ve allowed a thing called “the economy” to subject us to another thing called “capitalism” and they’ve obstructed all our efforts to actually obliterate the virus. I know – it’s deemed an impossibility now – but at one stage elimination of the virus was within reach.

All it took was for everyone to hunker down in place for two months, and really truly make nothing but 100% vital trips outside. Eight weeks. In that time the virions outside would have become inactivated, and any further “outbreaks” would have consisted of groups of less than a hundred, and generally just one or two families.

It’s a thought worth keeping in mind next time you have a discussion with a zombie about what to do about the pandemic. . .


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