Take it while it’s there,

… don’t grieve when it’s gone, The band played Boogie and the people danced on…
— CCS “The Band Played The Boogie”

We’re good at supporting good initiatives. Until we’re no longer.

In this case, the initiative for food-sharing makes sense because people can save some food costs, and prevent food from going into the waste stream while it’s still perfectly good. It’s a win-win-win. Until we realise we have savings, and what better way than using the savings to upgrade your food supply and wasting less of that? 

Except of course it’s more attractive to over-use the food-sharing and spend the money on new clothes or extra fuel for road trips – you’re still the beneficiary, right? Just that it’s no longer serving the purpose…

If we continually play both sides of the rules we’ll end up with runaway inflation, rapid unmanageable climate change, pollution, . . . – oh. Oops. 

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It’s the same thing when people take off masks in public, crowd together. We did that for a year and a bit, COVID’s gone now, right? Nope. Currently COVID is several times worse than it was at the height of lockdowns, spreading faster and killing more people per day than any time during the Panic Pandemic. 

And I see people taking advantage of the Science, going to the chemist to pick up their Science-created medications to treat the illnesses that Science made it possible to diagnose. And not wearing the masks that Science says are our best weapon against COVID… 

Cherry-picking opportunistic fools, the human race. Only problem is when the cherries are actually needed to keep the whole species, the whole planet, going. 

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