More Of More Than A Theory

America’s had a bit of a setback to their agricultural capabilities. (And yes, it’s a prepper site but the news of fertiliser plant fires can be verified here and here. Also, Organic Prepper is generally a reasonable source.)

I note that these fires could have happened to any fertiliser facility and could have ended up in an explosion as well, and in fact there’ve been fertiliser plant fires all over the USA if you do a search. That’s not the thing I’d like to bring to your attention though.

Remember in the last article I mentioned that when other countries (I’m looking at you, USA, yep… hehehe…) have food shortages our producers have no compunctions about accepting the higher prices overseas and to hell with us? Well I just note that the NC fertiliser fire happened Feb 4 and suddenly we’re getting hints that food prices are going to skyrocket. It could be a coincidence I suppose.

And I want to add that I’m not a prepper. I thought I was but they’re a bit too over the top for me. I am however a person whose both parents remembered WWII with memories of being cold and starving in Europe winters, and who would neither of them waste a thing or throw it out until it was well and truly used up.

It’s a reason I’ve tried to always grow some food wherever I’ve been, even if it was basil and parsley in a pot on the windowsill when I didn’t have access to a garden. It’s why we have a walk-in pantry here and I have enough drygoods, dried goods, and a handful of tinned goods, and keep them ticking over by using the oldest and replacing them as soon as possible. (It’s also a good way to only buy when stuff is on special and so save a bit of money, which is important on a pension.)

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