Ohai Corona: Things To Do After The Pandemic

Going Out After The Pandemic, Yes or No? I don’t know. I wish I did know. We two are pretty much alone here, and I’m the only one that drives. Australia’s currently in better shape than many other countries so it’s a bit safer than many, but there are second wave and third wave outbreaks … Read more

Also, SARS-cov-2 Is Not THE Disaster, 2

Part 2. So now you’re wondering about what I said about the potential for change. What’s the story Ted? Spit it out. Okay – so one thing that’s traditionally happened has been that we DID look after one another at the local level because that’s all we had at the time. We grew a lot … Read more

Zombies Are Finally Real

I’ve been watching in horror as the world loses its collective mind. I’m in horror because this pretty much means the end of things for many of us. We’re not going to survive the damage SARS-COV-2 is wreaking, and it’s a sobering thought. Earth’s finally found a cure for what’s ailing her, and we’re about … Read more

People self distancing especially in front of medical facilities.

Noticing that distancing is being observed in a multitude of ways and interpretations. And not always in good ways.  The fact that people self-distance gives me some hope that maybe – just maybe – when the lockdown regulations are relaxed, we might survive a rekindling that’ll sweep us off our feet.  It means that in … Read more

Victoria Cases as of Wed 29 April 2020

The totals below were correct as of 11.59pm Wednesday. according to WeeklyTimesNow.com.au . SHIRESAlpine 0 Bass Coast 4 Baw Baw 5 Buloke 0 Campaspe 2 Central Goldfields 1 Colac Otway 0 Corangamite 1 East Gippsland 1 Gannawarra 1 Glenelg 1 Golden Plains 1 Hepburn 2 Hindmarsh 0 Indigo 0 Loddon 3 Macedon Ranges 7 Mansfield … Read more

Puppy dog AIML and autonomous vehicle AIML…

Recently seen is another application of AI – the nimble robodoggie. Improving on Little Dog’s already impressive performances, another robot dog in development has learnt to walk from videos of other dogs walking and moving. The videos were analysed by an AI program and made into a basic instruction set for the dog-in-development. Said robopuppy … Read more

OHai Corona 9

The impact of AI. And isolating. You’re probably going to see some big changes here. Why would I leave things like tracking the virus’ progress to manual methods? It’s easy enough for AI to track these things like the famous flu detector site. (Except that they charge for more meaningful AI curated data, and there … Read more

OHai Corona 8

Some more things that will not be the same after COVID-19. Your GP. Your Boss. Your services. Pretty soon after that, your car and your house. Quantitative Easing. You can only pull a con on people so many times and then reveal it for a con, before they remember that it’s a con. I’m not … Read more

On Survival

(Why? And How? And What? And Whatever.) Just thinking. Too many scenarios for SHTF to list, and once you know what scenario, I guess you can extrapolate what the effect on us will be. So will just list most likely scenarios. Please note that I’m no political analyst, I don’t have theological training, my meteorology … Read more

You Mean THIS Universe?

It’s now been established that what we considered to be universal constants aren’t constant and change as you measure them further away. (https://www.sciencealert.com/new-tests-suggest-the-fundamental-forces-of-nature-aren-t-constant-across-the-universe) Initially it was thought that the speed at which the Universe is expanding, is fastest right here around us, and the further away you measure that speed, the slower that rate of … Read more