Paxlovid Journal days 3,4,5 (and 7)

I’m just writing these as I go but will post after I finish the course. Day 3 So third day, I’ve found myself to still be irascible and irritable and a bit moody. Perhaps that’s just natural for my situation (wife 200km away also with COVID, unable to leave home to go out for groceries … Read more

Paxlovid Intermission

Reflections in the middle of a recuperation. There are a few things that have struck me as I sat around waiting to expire or revive. Some of them reflect what an anticommunal society we’ve become, some are just reflections that ACAC, All CopsErrCapitalists Are Counts. (Extra “o” in there, oops…) I’ve had spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed … Read more

Paxlovid Journal days 1 & 2

Antivirals and you – what you were too afraid to ask so I experience it for you. Wife and I got the dread purple line within days of one another. We’d both had Influenza A for five weeks at that stage, just been feeling well enough to go shopping before the weekend and that must … Read more