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4 – Other Publications

Sites and Stuff that I consider to be related content.

( These are things like Youtube where you should really go subscribe to the channel and support the creators of that content.)

This list will get updates quite often, with all sorts of things I find amusing or relevant or just plain interesting. I keep local “Monthly Linkdump” pages on my server at home, and this section will get the best links from my private reserve stock of links as I find them. For now, some of the most fundamental and informative links are here:

One Army (Precious Plastic) Youtube The Youtube channel that gave me the final impetus I needed to get me started with putting all my recycling stuff online. They have LOTS of clear video instructions, links to their websites and different units, and it’s all Open Source and free to use.

Brothers Make Youtube These brothers have made some excellent videos on recycling plastic and have really useful and interesting projects.

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