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Other things you might wish to check out:

I also have a page on Ko-Fi.com which besides being one of those “coffee donation” sites is also a (mostly free) web shop and is under PTEC3D and is hopefully going to support a plastic recycling project I’m working on developing. I like Ko-Fi because it’s not Patreon.

If you like, you can contact me: <chat with me on Mastodon> or email me teddlesruss@pm.me

A list of my publications:

1 – Blogs

  • TEdALOG Lite II
    This blog has been going since 1985 on various platforms from BBS days onwards.
  • PTEC3D Blog
    It’s the techie / recycling side of the stuff I do.
  • TEdADYNE Systems
    Do androids dream? Should we wake them if they do? What if WE’RE the androids? And what do we do about it?
  • TEdAMENU Tuckertime
    Also a long-time blog, good recipes, tips, and tricks from an old codger that got to experience yearss of living with 6 international cuisines before age 9, and dozens more thereafter.
  • The Body Friendly Zencookbook
    All the ethics and warm fuzzies and things that need to be stopped
  • OhaiCorona.com website
    You know when you’re scared and need to post something, anything?
  • Grumpy Old Guy Substack
    It’s a social/political/rant blog but with funny-grumpy-old-guy-ness
  • Grumpy Old Guy Twitch
    He’s never posted a stream yet but who knows?
  • Teddlesruss Medium
    Not used much but all the cool kids had Medium so I checked it out

2 – Plastics/Eco/Recycle/Do No Evil/3D Printing

PrawnTech3D Website
PTEC3D has a website (not involved as much in recycling)

The PrawnShop
… and a PTEC3D web shop

PrawnTech3D Youtube
I’ll start posting vids here as PTEC3D – sometime this year I hope

PrawnTech3D Odysee
Similar, shares most of my Youtube channels plus the odd b-roll.

PrawnTech3D Mastodon
You can chat about PTEC3D and RCX issues with me on Mastodon since the Elonification of Twitter, where I’ve deactivated my accounts.

RCX website
The RCX website is piggybacked onto PTEC3D and O Hai Corona for now until I can afford a separate domain and web hosting for it. (See “Support This Site” if you’d like to help.

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4 – Other Publications