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I also have two pages on Ko-Fi.com which besides being “coffee donation” sites are also web shops and places to post articles for my KoFi sponsors, they’re under Grumps and PTEC3D, which are my blogs and a plastic recycling project I’m developing, respectively.

Best places to contact me are on Twitter as teddlesruss (for blogs) or PrawnTech3D. (For 3D printing and recycling projects.)

A list of my publications:

1 – Blogs

  • TEdALOG Lite II
    This blog has been going since 1985 on various platforms from BBS days onwards.
  • PTEC3D Blog
    It’s the techie / recycling side of the stuff I do.
  • TEdADYNE Systems
    Do androids dream? Should we wake them if they do? What if WE’RE the androids? And what do we do about it?
  • TEdAMENU Tuckertime
    Also a long-time blog, good recipes, tips, and tricks from an old codger that got to experience yearss of living with 6 international cuisines before age 9, and dozens more thereafter.
  • The Body Friendly Zencookbook
    All the ethics and warm fuzzies and things that need to be stopped
  • OhaiCorona.com website
    You know when you’re scared and need to post something, anything?
  • Grumpy Old Guy Substack
    It’s a social/political/rant blog but with funny-grumpy-old-guy-ness
  • Grumpy Old Guy Twitch
    He’s never posted a stream yet but who knows?
  • Teddlesruss Medium
    Not used much but all the cool kids had Medium so I checked it out

2 – Plastics/Eco/Recycle/Do No Evil/3D Printing

3 – Social / Presence

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4 – Other Publications