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Other things you might wish to check out:

I also have two pages on Ko-Fi.com which besides being “coffee donation” sites are also web shops and places to post articles for my KoFi sponsors, they’re under Grumps and PTEC3D, which are my blogs and a plastic recycling project I’m developing, respectively.

Best places to contact me are on Twitter as teddlesruss (for blogs) or PrawnTech3D. (For 3D printing and recycling projects.)

A list of publications follows:

I’ve made a list of the sites I either write or maintain, and sites I follow myself and think you may be interested in, in several sections:
1. Blogsthese are the ones I do directly and are general / social / techie / not so much recycle oriented.
2. Plastics/Eco/Recycle/Do No EvilThese are websites I maintain / write / etc.
3. Social / PresenceThis is just a list of social presences.
4. Other PublicationsThese are external blogs and websites and articles that I’m not involved with but I feel they’re relevant.

1 – Blogs

2 – Plastics/Eco/Recycle/Do No Evil/3D Printing

  • PrawnTech3D Website
    PTEC3D has a website (not involved as much in recycling)
  • The PrawnShop
    … and a PTEC3D web shop
  • PrawnTech3D Youtube
    I’ll start posting vids here as PTEC3D – sometime this year I hope
  • PrawnTech3D Twitch
    Not up and running yet – first I need to get blog traffic up – so share my articles please!
  • PrawnTech3D Twitter
    You can address PTEC3D and RCX issues with me here
  • RCX website
    The RCX website is piggybacked onto PTEC3D and O Hai Corona for now until I can afford a separate domain and web hosting for it.
  • RCX/Prawntech3d Substack
    RCX tech news / issues

3 – Social / Presence

4 – Other Publications