What RCX Is Here For

So here's the thing. One Army's Precious Plastics started something. Before that, I'd been desperately wanting to know what a person could do - I'd been to enough small town rubbish tip sites in my youth to know that the waste back then (which was nothing compared to the waste we now generate) was already a BIG problem back then. So way back in the early 80s I started to be very worried. Then in the early 2000s I saw some Youtube videos, and the ideas that they were promoting became things I wanted to do, too. If you follow this link I'm pretty sure you'll be as impressed as I am.

RCX Basics


I'm hoping to establish a Precious Plastic Community point here in Wonthaggi. It would probably become the RCX Precious Plastic Community Hub and would initially become a collecting, sorting, and perhaps also cleaning and pelletising point for plastics, which would be passed on to another Precious Plastic community, or we can just start processing here using whatever RCX can cobble together. The RCX PP-Hub could slowly grow into a full-blown recycle and manufacture facility and there's nothing to stop it from becoming a proper business at some point.

Meanwhile by contacting our upstream hubs, we would get some help setting up collecting facilities, and the main thing that would be needed would be to make sure that the plastic is sorted correctly by what type of plastic it is and sell it to the upstream processing facilities. If we could build a shredder, we could process these plastics from huge bales to small easily transportable barrels, and move these on to either Precious Plastic Victoria at Clayton South, or Precious Plastic Monash at Clayton, and make a small amount of income.

We could make more than that by producing things ourselves, but it needs machinery. And we have a few decisions to make. Do we become a community charity and pass all profits on to local community organisations? Or a business, and make donations to those LCOs? As a charity / community organisation we can expect some support and would need to turn all income into community help; as a business we'd have expenses from the start but could grow our machinery and capacity quickly.

So - the next few pages link from here.

Our initial roadmap.