I might be a lot of things. What I was, was a bit freaked out over SARS-CoV-2 and the countless mutants it’s spawned. So what else could I do? I started a blog. The home blog (OHaiCorona.com) was that one. I started collecting info on COVID-19 and then realised that literally thousands of bloggers were already covering this stuff.

Hmmm. . . 

So I started commenting on the less obvious things about the pandemic. Things like how it gave people time to think about values. And how Nature thanked us for not polluting as much. 

That lasted about a week before I started writing about the technology that got a boost from the pandemic, but I cover that at my TEdALOG and TEdADYNE Systems blogs so the OHaiCorona blog gets less and less I can write about.

But I also like short fiction and I write a bit of that from time to time. So I broke OHaiCorona out with a Fiction sub-blog. This is it, although I might shift this to blogger.com as well, since than I can stop paying for this server. I also might move another few web properties to there, depending on what type of web property it is. If so’ I’ll update here and everywhere else to stay up to date.