COVID Now 2nd Biggest Killer In Australia

Have we really lost our collective minds? If you follow mainstream media, you’d be forgiven if you thought COVID was done and dusted – but it isn’t, far Far FAR from it . . . COVID Now Kills Three Times More People than influenza and pneumonia combined. I deliberately made that BIG – it deserves … Read more

Flu And Coronavirus Can Be Bad

Having Both Can More Than Double Risk Of Death Here’s the link to the article. Early reports mentioned in that article suggest that if you have to be hospitalised you could be at twice the risk of dying from ‘flurona’ and four times more likely to end up on a respirator. I can only say … Read more

Petrol Theft

What/Where/When People stealing petrol is on the rise, most of the reports I see are in the USA but we’ll probably see a few of these here in Australia as well as the whole fossil fuels / war effects / EV scenario plays out here and bowser prices keep climbing. Some of the reports out … Read more

More Of More Than A Theory

America’s had a bit of a setback to their agricultural capabilities. (And yes, it’s a prepper site but the news of fertiliser plant fires can be verified here and here. Also, Organic Prepper is generally a reasonable source.) I note that these fires could have happened to any fertiliser facility and could have ended up … Read more

Not Just A Theory

Not just theoretical. We are actually ALL going to endure a climate famine over the following years. Maybe stock up a little on long-lasting stuff like rice and pasta and salt and sugar and flour. You may yet find yourself very glad of it as prices for groceries start to soar past anything we’ve ever … Read more

The Climate COVID Ukraine Blues

It is, as the Chinese curse will have it, an ‘interesting time’ to be alive. – Me, who’s been saying this for over two decades. The pandemic isn’t just – gone – it’s still going. But try and find figures on infections and deaths under all the Putin palaver. The world’s under attack from a … Read more

Brace Yourselves, It’s Still Coming

Doom and gloom are cheap ways to fill blog pages, I know. In between feeling doomful gloomful panic the last six months while the Saga Of The New Landlord played out, I tried to write a few upbeat posts, and failed. And now I’m going to write another gloomful doomful post, damnit. World Political Situation: … Read more

Why Waste Food Like This?

Since the start of the pandemic we’ve had a chance to prove what utter asshats we can be. We’ve also proved that NOT being an asshat is possible. Take it away, Ted! Toilet paper – it was the thing that proved human asshattery knows few limits, almost a year ago now. People proved the Politics … Read more