The Scummo Legacy

What’ll Scott Morrison, erstwhile (disastrous, devious, and deceitful) PM of Australia, be remembered for? Situations like this one. He cut the heart and soul out of income supports for disabled people, pensioners, and job seekers, he pursued the most defenceless people with automated and almost always unjustified dunning letters, threatening letters that actually caused some … Read more

The Zombie Virus

I’m not saying it was the COVID Zombie Virus, but . . . First, let me be clear. This is a dead sobering lesson we should all take to heart. Because the Halloween crush in Seoul is terrifying to contemplate, or it should be. It shouldn’t have happened, and yet – it did. I’ll just … Read more

Increasing Incidence Of Diseases

In A Post-Industrial World Presented without sources – you can look each of these things up online yourself and there are quite literally tens of thousands of articles, news items, or papers – if you can be arsed to wade through a few thousand words apiece of densely-packed terminology. Or you can take my word … Read more

The Thing About The Medical Establishment

Imma say it – it’s just another “establishment.” And they have been right under the hammer the last few years, and are still copping a tsunami of overwork. For their sake, I’m going to ask all my readers to wear a mask in public, social distance as much as possible, and keep hand sanitisation up. … Read more

Ten things twitter folks know about Covid

. . . that people on the streets don’t. Goodtern wraps it up for you: And yeah – the list grew and is still not exhaustive… Ten things twitter folks know about Covid that people o the streets don’t. 1Covid isn’t over2There’s no such thing as herd immunity3Covid is hospitalising thousands each week4Covid harms kids5Covid … Read more

The Fall Is Going To Be Hard

It doesn’t matter? Oh yes it does! As the good Prof. points out in his article here, COVID19 is far far FAR from over. Despite the seemingly desperate attempts by the mainstream media, employers, and seemingly even governments (all capitalist organisation that need money rather than humanity to survive, it should be noted) to push … Read more

Still Not Fixing COVID

We’re still not fixing COVID. In fact, we’re enabling it. (My tweet.) We’re vaccinating against it so that we can ‘get back to productivity and the economy.‘ We’re not eliminating it because . . . – Well, I can’t think of any reasons other than population control. (Yes, both in population numbers control and also … Read more

Australia Is Currently Being Operated By Halfwits

We apologise for the rampant idiocy Schools are closing because of staff shortages due to COVID. Hospitals are having to cancel elective surgeries because of staff shortages due to COVID. Businesses are having to close for days/weeks at a time because of staff shortages due to COVID. “We are NOT going back to daily COVID … Read more

COVID Now 2nd Biggest Killer In Australia

Have we really lost our collective minds? If you follow mainstream media, you’d be forgiven if you thought COVID was done and dusted – but it isn’t, far Far FAR from it . . . COVID Now Kills Three Times More People than influenza and pneumonia combined. I deliberately made that BIG – it deserves … Read more

Flu And Coronavirus Can Be Bad

Having Both Can More Than Double Risk Of Death Here’s the link to the article. Early reports mentioned in that article suggest that if you have to be hospitalised you could be at twice the risk of dying from ‘flurona’ and four times more likely to end up on a respirator. I can only say … Read more