Just a quick reminder. And also just a quick reminder that it’s always worth keeping a mask on… Sat at the barber’s I was the only one. Walking around the local shopping mall, I’m one of fewer than five. Picking up fish and chips, you guessed it. And even in hospitals and doctor’s surgeries, masks … Read more

We’re in a Bug War.

What I mean is – we openly acknowledge that we’re in a war with micro-organisms. All there is on this planet is one thing consuming another and then being in their own turn being consumed. To put it more bleakly, “everything becomes something else’s poop, just give it time.) Who knows? We know about “zombie … Read more

Catching COVID isn’t a smart move

It was said not so long back that long COVID could cause cognition / intellect declines in patients. There were also claims that just catching COVID also caused those declines in, well, brainpower. Having now become a COVID statistic myself, I’m aware that I feel slightly less c capable than before the infection. But to … Read more

How Frozen Is Too Frozen?

There’s a suggestion that raising the temperature of your food deep freeze by 3 degrees C could save a huge amount (the article suggests 17 megatons) of CO2 annually. Setting the thermostat from -18C to -15C, it’s suggested, will help the climate crisis. And look – that is NOT the main point of the research … Read more

Anatomy Of A Mini Outbreak

“Gastro.” It’s a bit of a joke – right? Oh all those people with the runs! Ehehehe… Unless it’s you. And in this case, it is. Well, me, at any rate. On one of the worst weeks for it to happen, for us. Wife had two surgeries booked for the week, (which we got her … Read more

Long COVID Becomes – A Thing

Continuing my experiences and reading about COVID and surrounding conditions, antivirals, recovery, etc. Right off the bat, let me say that I believe that Long COVID is definitely a thing. Others (including the medical profession) are divided about that. But I extend that to include not just COVID, but all viruses. Most viruses leave effing … Read more

What I know Now

And you probably should, too. COVID Don’t catch it. Avoid it. Wear a mask. Punch anyone that isn’t wearing a mask. (Okay okay – maybe don’t be physically violent but do not let such callous disregard for one’s fellow humans go unchallenged. People are infantilised enough already, don’t let them regress to the puerile toddler … Read more

Paxlovid Journal days 3,4,5 (and 7)

I’m just writing these as I go but will post after I finish the course. Day 3 So third day, I’ve found myself to still be irascible and irritable and a bit moody. Perhaps that’s just natural for my situation (wife 200km away also with COVID, unable to leave home to go out for groceries … Read more

Paxlovid Intermission

Reflections in the middle of a recuperation. There are a few things that have struck me as I sat around waiting to expire or revive. Some of them reflect what an anticommunal society we’ve become, some are just reflections that ACAC, All CopsErrCapitalists Are Counts. (Extra “o” in there, oops…) I’ve had spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed … Read more